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The word “password” is the most used password in the world, while “123456” is in second place. For its part, “123456789” is in third place.

This means that it could take a cyber attacker a single second decipher any of the three that head this ranking that the NordPass company prepares every year, informed Télam.

The top ten of the most used (and insecure) passwords in the world is completed with: “guest”, “qwerty”, “12345678”, “111111”, “12345”, “col123456”, and “123123”.

For his part, “u2”, “pink” and “prince” are the most used passwords that take names of artists; and “matrix” and “starwars”, which do it with movie names.

How to protect yourself against the increase in cyberattacks in Latin America?

The list of the 200 most common passwords in the world arises from the analysis of a 3TB database that contains those that remained exposed in security incidents. The information was collected thanks to the collaboration of independent investigators specialized in incident investigation.

The table is ordered according to the number of times the same key was used, it includes the number of times it was present in the database, and the time it would take for it to be cracked via a brute force attack.

This year, unlike what had been happening, “123456” was dethroned by “password”.

In addition, there was a ranking of the most popular passwords in categories such as sports, names of artists or musical groups, food, video games, movies or cars, among others.

“What this shows is a pattern that people often follow when choosing a password so that they are easy to remember. However, this makes them easy to predict. Specially in automated brute force attacks in which cybercriminals use software to test multiple combinations of email addresses and passwords in seconds,” said Camilo Gutiérrez Amaya, head of the ESET Latin America Research Laboratory.

The most used passwords in the world, according to the NordPass report.

In the list of passwords with artist names also appear: “queen”, “eminen” and “metallica”. While in the movie names are “spiderman”, “joker” and “terminator”.

Tips for creating strong passwords

“The results show that it is still essential to make people aware of the importance of create long, hard-to-predict passwords that are unique to each account or online service,” said the specialist.

In addition, he recommended that “people should know that all this can be achieved using a password manager on the computer or on the phone, since these services contemplate all these needs”.

“Finally, we recall the importance of enable two-factor authentication on all services that they use so that the security of their accounts does not depend solely on the password”.


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