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What are the places where it will not be mandatory to wear a mask

What are the places where it will not be mandatory to wear a mask

However, beyond the fact that the resolution was officially published, the Buenos Aires authorities also recommend using the mask “when entering and staying in closed places with public or private access.”



What are the places where it will not be mandatory to wear a mask

Until now, the mandatory use of the chinstrap was in force in public transport and in other closed places such as restaurants or workplaces. This will no longer be so. The progress of vaccination against the coronavirus and the current epidemiological situation, led the Ministries of Health, Economic Development and Production and Justice and Security, with the endorsement of the Buenos Aires Chief of Staff, to make a new decision.

Quirós said this morning that “all closed spaces and public transport” are included.

Covid-19 in CABA

The official indicated last week that “until 10 days ago we had an average of approximately 2,500 cases per day. We are in a decline and today we report about 1,500 daily.” However, he warned that “many people decided not to swab, so we are undervaluing.”

Likewise, the Buenos Aires minister was blunt in saying that even if this wave of infections is completed, that does not mean that there will not be more cases or that cases will not rise again.

“The behavior of this disease going forward is not simple because it depends on many variables. It is most likely that we will finish going through this curve in the following weeks. Omicron curves last between 8 and 10 weeks. Likewise, we must be attentive to what what happens with the new variants and if they find fertile ground,” he concluded.

On the other hand, shifts are being assigned for the application of the fourth dose, which significantly reduces the possibility of developing serious symptoms of the disease.

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