What are the requirements to renew the driver's license in CABA

Due to the beginning of the pandemic, measures were taken that still raise doubts today. For example, what about those who should renew your driver’s license and they had a two-year extension?

Said extension ended, since that extension was for registrations whose expiration was between February 15, 2020 and December 31, 2021. Now those people They must manage the renewal.

Requirements to renew the registration in CABA

The driver must:

  • Have a valid DNI with address in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires,
  • Attend renovation talk that can be done virtually
  • Pay the National Certificate of Background of Transit and pay the Ticket Unique Smart.
  • Process the debt free of infractions. On the other hand, we need an email to receive information. If the renewal is for category D You will also have to process the criminal record certificate.

How much does license renewal cost?

Once all the requirements have been met, you will have to enter the City Government page to request a shift driver’s license renewal. This procedure has a cost of $2,043.

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