Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

The mystery about Venezuelan-Iranian plane once again brought to light the Iranian forces considered to be terrorists by USAdue to the apparent links between the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGCfor its acronym in English) with the company to which the aircraft that was stranded in Ezeiza.

The Israeli Embassy in Argentina issued a statement confirming that Iranian companies Mahan Air Y Qeshm Fars Air. The first yielded to Emtrasur ownership of the plane that arrived in Argentina and the pilot who brought the aircraft to Buenos Aires was one of the directors of the second company.

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According to information from the diplomatic headquarters, both companies “are dedicated to arms trafficking and the transfer of people and equipment that operate for the Quds Force”, a branch of the Revolutionary Guard. However, this group has been operating for more than 40 years and is on the list of terrorist organizations in the United States.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard

The IRGC emerged with the aim of bringing together several paramilitary forces that existed in the last decades of the 20th century.

On April 15, 2019, the US government included the IRGC in its entirety, including the Quds Force, on its list of terrorist organizations, according to information from the State Department.

This organization is defined by the United States as a “official military organ of Iran, which has practiced terrorism since its creation” and which is intended to defend the country’s Islamic system and provide a counterweight to the regular armed forces.

Since its founding, the IRGC has become a major military, political and economic force of the Islamic Republic, establishing strong ties with regime leaders in Iran. Currently, it is believed that the Guard has more than 190 thousand active membersin addition to having its own ground, armed, air, and even marine forces.

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This group has so much power that it even reaches oversee Iran’s strategic weapons and developed a network around the world by forging ties with other allied governments and armed groups. In that sense, he went on to establish a branch of operations abroad: the Quds Force.

The Guard is credited with detonating the bomb that destroyed the Khobar towers in 1996, killing 19 people.

The Quds Force and its presence around the world

Islamic Revolutionary Guard.
The group was consolidated in 1979.

This arm of the IRGC has a main role among the Iranian actors, since it is in charge of coordinating the global terror campaignaccording to information from the United States.

The Qud Force has a presence in several countries around the world. In recent years, some groups were broken up at the end of Germany, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Kenya, Baherin and Turkey, where they were arrested for conspiring to attack. Another group that depends on this branch of the IRGC was discovered in Colombiawhile planning to kill Israeli citizens in Bogotá.

In addition, the Qud Force collaborates with other terrorist groups around the world, providing material support, training, technology transfers, conventional and advanced weapons to extremist organizations such as Hamas and groups in Syria.

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