What if kyiv really tried to take back Kherson?

Should we expect a Ukrainian counter-offensive on the southern front to retake in particular the great city of Kherson, which fell in the early hours of the Russian invasion of the country? Until a week ago, Russian military experts did not take the hypothesis seriously. Interviewed by the pro-Kremlin magazine Vzgliada cohort of specialists even denounced a “bluff” kyiv in order to get even more weapons and money from the West.

However, in the eyes of many Western experts, the battle of Kherson is not only inevitable but could also prove decisive for the outcome of the war. On August 2, 2022, the influential think tank Atlantic Council thus asserted that “the fate of Kherson will determine the future direction of the war”. And to continue: “The only regional capital captured by Putin’s troops and the only major Ukrainian city on the western bank of the Dnieper currently in Kremlin hands, Kherson is key to Russian ambitions in southern Ukraine. Moscow must maintain control of Kherson in order to achieve its objective of advancing to Odessa and occupying all of Ukraine’s Black Sea coastline.”

“If Ukraine retakes the city, Russia will be confined to the left bank of Ukraine and will face the prospect of new counter-offensives aimed at pushing Putin’s army out of sight.

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