What is Aphasia, how to identify it and how to treat it
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It has happened to many people at some point that they can’t remember a word, that they can’t identify it, or they have an idea of ​​what they mean but can’t find a way to express it. Those can be symptoms of aphasia, a neurological damage that must be treated.

According to the speech therapist Alejandro Andersson, the entire brain participates in language, but there are specific areas that deal with language. “Called instrumental areas of language expressed the interviewee and added: “When both areas are damaged, one of them or the connections that connect them with other brain structures, different types of aphasia are produced”.

Regarding some of the symptoms, the specialist said: “Patients cannot put words together, other times they do not understand or consider that they are being spoken to in a language that they do not identify”. In other cases, “they can’t repeat, evoke or name. Sometimes they have an idea of ​​what they want to say and can’t find the right words to mention it,” Andersson said.

Patients who are tired or stressed and have recurring errors in their language do not suffer from aphasia. but the causes are usually other.

Aphasia as a symptom of another condition

“Aphasia is a consequence that is related to another condition that has caused structural, anatomical damage to the brain,” Anderson reported. He then explained that an example of this type of pathology can be “a cerebrovascular accident, a tumor or trauma”.

How many variants are aphasia, Treatments are differentiated according to the needs of each patient. and in most cases it is a speech therapist the right specialist to treat this disease.

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