What is climate mobilization for?
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Already 26 conferences on the climate before this COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, accompanied by demonstrations, from the strikes of the Fridays for Future movement to the most recent blockades and collages.

“What is climate mobilization for?”, asks himself Die Zeit November 17. Young activists from the back, recognizable by their orange emergency response jackets, stick to the asphalt. This does not prevent countries “like China to continue to burn gigantic amounts of coal, oil and gas”.

The great German weekly recounts the 40e blocking Clara, 20, “sitting cross-legged on the asphalt in front of Berlin Central Station” with his group “Insurrection of the last generation”. do they think “really the Germans are going to get on bicycles this way, that the government is going to go further in abandoning coal, that the Chinese are going to install more wind turbines?” At least they get the media attention.

But “Fridays for Future activists, marching peacefully through the streets instead of sticking to them, had the majority of Germans on their side”. The new demonstrators, them, “come up against a wide rejection”.

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