What is the impact of Mercury retrograde according to your sign?

Mercury, the planet of communication, began yesterday -Tuesday the 10th- its famous retrogradation in the sign of Gemini. The first thing you have to know is, there is nothing to fear! Mercury retrogrades three times a year since you were born and you outlived it many times. Combined with the information in this guide, you will be able to navigate the brain fog like an expert sailor.

We are going to be with our eyes and our minds set on our interior and it is for this reason that we can miss some little things from the outside. Like any astrological transit, it has its pros and cons, so we share with you what to take into account according to your sun sign and/or ascendant:

If you are an Aries, pay special attention to how you communicate with yourself.. You usually have a sergeant inside who doesn’t stop giving you orders and keeps you in action with no room for reflection. This can be favorable for starting and leading, but it is not for the emotional that is always left for the last, limiting your ability to give and receive love. Take the time to register how the presence of that rigid voice impacts your life..

If you are a Taurus, weeks will come to check if your own value is mirrored in your wallet. You have been letting go of many things and you may have neglected your finances in the process. It’s time to invest in yourself and change those limiting beliefs about your access to abundance. Do not start businesses, or make large movements of money. There may be delays in payments and general misunderstandings.

If you are a Gemini, this Mercury retrograde is going to feel very personal. It comes to make it clear to you, once and for all, that you are not just your mind. Maintaining a balance also depends on your bodily health and nourishing your spiritual life. You may step on the stick again and go back to that ex, forget about your body and/or not listen to your emotion. If this happens, take it as a farewell, it is for you to exhaust the experience. You are going to be reviewing both your image and your way of projecting yourself into the future.

If you’re a Cancer, Mercury retrograde is going to get into your dreams. You may sleep worse and have to adjust your routines to get rest. You also have to review those unconscious archetypes that govern your life. What are they? Are you living your own story or embodying that of an ancestor? It is time to open your eyes, especially that of intuition that your greatest intelligence resides there.

If you are from Leo, this transit will be generating interference in everything related to groups, teams and networks.. This retrogradation invites you to reflect on your ability to bond as equals and the famous loneliness of the leader. There are also ideals that need to be set aside – even if it hurts – because you are not being able to bring them to reality.

If you are a Virgo, set aside extra time to deal with possible delays and failures in everything related to work.. Here you are being invited to review what is happening with your way of communicating professionally and what results you are obtaining. Virgo energy tends to be easily dispersed, dwelling too much on the details without leaving room for a more global vision..

If you are from Libra, this is the time to return to travel and study topics. Pay attention to the budget needed to carry them out and if it is worth investing in that, at this time. Also this retro Mercury proposes you to go a little deeper in your beliefs and your purpose. Take the opportunity to work on your merit.

If you are a Scorpio, you will feel a greater need to go into your depths in order to let go of attachments.. You tend to cling to relationships believing that you can always work on them to improve them and that is not always the case. Mercury retrograde transits your inheritance zone (both emotional and material) and there may be things to resolve with these issues.

If you are from Sagittarius, you are going to see your communication problems head-on, since your area of ​​​​partners and partners passes through. Pay attention to what makes you angry about these relationships because they will be a faithful mirror from which to learn. “Every problem is a communication problem”, is the mantra for the next three weeks. Watch out for the return of past loves!

If you are a Capricorn, your routine may be quite disorganized with this transit., trust that it is so that you can put it back together taking into account what is best for your health. Good time to resume analysis and body therapies that have been postponed due to lack of time.

If you are from Aquarius, you may feel a lack of energy in your passions and/or a general lack of inspiration.. The proposal is that you connect more with your heart and not so much with your mind. Let yourself be guided by what you feel, a break from so much creativity will do you good.

If you are from Pisces, this retrogradation is going to revive familiar themes that you thought were resolvedyes It is time to organize yourself better with your siblings, seek greater equality in household chores and communicate things from the past in order to heal them.

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