Guillermo Cañas with his family.
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Guillermo Canas He is turning 45 years old and, despite the fact that he has been retired from tennis for more than a decade, he has never disassociated himself from that sport. Is that Willy is running his own training academy. in South Florida, where he has lived since 2010 after leaving Argentina as a result of an act of insecurity he suffered.

Aside from his work facet, the tennis player who knew how to beat Roger Federer three times He enjoys a beautiful family: he is in a relationship with the Brazilian model Fabiana Semprebom, with whom he has two children: Juan, eight years old, and Liz, one year old.

Willy Cañas was born and raised in La Matanza. He came into the world on November 25, 1977. He made his professional debut in 1995, won seven ATP titles and his best ranking was when he reached world number 8 in 2005. Against Federer he finished with an even record, with three victories for each one. They always met in Masters 1000 tournaments: the Argentine won Canada 2002, Indian Wells 2007 and Miami 2007.

Guillermo Cañas: from Argentina to Miami

Guillermo Canas He decided to leave Argentina after a robbery he suffered in September 2008, when a group of criminals intercepted him at his parents’ house, in the Buenos Aires town of Tapiales, La Matanza district, and stole his Mercedes Benz SL 500 car. convertible, one of the three copies of that model that were in the country.

Guillermo Cañas with his family.

After experiencing that fact of insecurity, he packed his bags and moved to Miami, United States. There she has lived since then with his partner, the Brazilian model Fabiana Semprebom. Her first child, Juan, was born on May 30, 2014, while her daughter Liz came into the world on October 6, 2021.

It was also in Miami where he had announced his retirement from tennis. He did so in March 2010 in the main conference room at Crandon Park. However, he never disassociated himself from that sport: he continued to lead the Cañas Tennis Academy, a training center that he founded when he arrived in that country, which works at the same club that hosted the Masters 1000 tournament.

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“The academy was a factor that pushed my decision, but the reality is that I couldn’t compete one hundred percent due to my right wrist injury,” he told the media, regarding his determination to hang up the racket.

Guillermo Cañas: his own tennis academy

Over the years, the Cañas Tennis Academy began to expand. As detailed on its official website, it is “a sports management and management company that develops tennis programs adapted to the needs of each public, particularly children, youth and adults”.

Guillermo Cañas has his own tennis academy in the United States.
Guillermo Cañas has his own tennis academy in the United States.

Cañas works as Ambassador of the academy, while Gustavo Uribe holds the position of General Director and the Argentine tennis player Martín García is responsible for Financial Accounting. The staff is completed with three general coordinators and almost a dozen coaches.

“First tennis academy in South Florida that has high-level professional players as coaches. They are always present on the field and participate in the training of the athletes”, they highlight on their social networks.

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The truth is that, with the passage of time, the academy began to expand to different places in South Florida. Currently, it operates in six high-end properties, three of which are in Miami.

Guillermo Cañas: his training center in Argentina

Although the academy is focused on the United States, it also landed in Argentina. On October 5, 2019, he opened the Botánico Cañas Tennis, his own training center in Quebrada de las Rosas, a neighborhood located in the west of the city of Córdoba.

Guillermo Cañas' tennis training center in Córdoba.
Guillermo Cañas’ tennis training center in Córdoba.

On the opening day, Guillermo Canas was present. She took photos and signed autographs for several fans, gave a speech about his academy, and even changed into sportswear to play one-on-one with some of the people who attended the event.

Guillermo Cañas at the inauguration of the training center in Córdoba.
Guillermo Cañas at the inauguration of the training center in Córdoba.

The club has six clay courts, a micro stadium, a Flexy Court surface court, a gym, a barbecue area, mini-tennis courts and changing rooms.

Guillermo Cañas in social networks

Guillermo Cañas does not have a personal account on social networks. Nevertheless, remains active through the Instagram of his Cañas Tennis academy. In addition to appearing in the photos, also It has its own section called “You ask and Willy Answers”.

Guillermo Cañas remains active on the Instagram account of his tennis academy.
Guillermo Cañas remains active on the Instagram account of his tennis academy.

In the last of those videos, Cañas answered how he did to beat Roger Federer twice in a row. “The strategy to do it is difficult to say. My game base was to play with my forehand to be able to move the player from end to end. But it was not a specific strategy for him, but he tried to do the same with everyone. I was lucky that my way of playing bothered him much more than other players”, he was honest.

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