Archie's parents

Archie Batterbeea 12-year-old British boy in a state of brain death for four months, died this Saturday after being disconnected in a London hospital, ending a long, painful and irreconcilable legal battle waged by his parents against the health system.

The treatments that had kept him alive since April had ceased two hours earlier, after his parents saw all their appeals before the British and European courts rejected, to prevent the cessation of the treatments and achieve the transfer of the child to a care facility. palliative.

Look: Setback for the family of Archie Battersbee, the brain-dead child who keeps the United Kingdom in suspense

archie He passed away at 12:15 today. (11:15 GMT), his mother, Hollie Dance, reported on television.

“He fought to the end”he added, bursting into tears and declaring himself “proud to be your mom”.

Archie’s parents

Archie Batterbee was found unconscious in April, with signs of having a ligature placed around his neck, probably as part of a challenge in TikTok.

The British court authorized the hospital in mid-July to end its life support, which included mechanical ventilation in combination with medication.

The doctors maintained that her case was hopeless and that this justified their decision.

Archie’s parents

But his parents, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, supported by a Christian organization, multiplied the judicial resources.

The hospital was “very clear” regarding the fact that “no choice” and that medical procedures would be interrupted on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. (09:00 GMT).

“It was very hard. I am devastated. I have done everything I promised my son to do.”he added.

The boy died after his treatment was stopped “in accordance with court decisions,” Alistair Chesser, chief medical officer at London Royal Hospital, confirmed in a statement.

One of the boy’s family members, Ella Carter, said he was stable “for two hours” until the ventilator was completely removed.

“There is no dignity in seeing how a family member or a child suffocates”, said. “No family should go through what we went through, it’s outrageous,” she added.

On Saturday morning, some passersby placed flowers and candles at the foot of a statue in front of the hospital.

The dangerous viral challenges of TikTok

But in the midst of every legal dispute between the child’s parents and the authorities there is a key point in the case: the challenges of TikTok.


archie fell into a state of brain death when performing a challenge of TikTok known as blackout challenge or blackout challenge.

The blackout challenge It is a challenge that has gone viral in TikTok and that consists of recording yourself while holding your breath until you pass out.

Although the videos have already been removed from TikTokthey became sadly famous because the guys who did it were looking to get thousands of likes or likes.

have been used by young people to reach millions of users on the social network and thus get views and “I like it”.

In addition to Archie, it is known that a 10-year-old girl from Italy also died for performing the blackout challenge in January 2021 in Palermo.

Following the girl’s case, the Italian Data Protection Authority criticized the “poor protection of minors”. “Easily”, the organism exemplified at that time, “You can cheat the registration veto, provided by the platform, for those under 13 years of age.”

The girl’s father said he knew his daughter sometimes went into TikTok, but he could never think of something like that. “I only knew that Antonella entered TikTok to watch videos. How to imagine that atrocity? Antonello Sicomero declared when his girl died after performing the same challenge as Archie.

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