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What Moro’s allies say to convince him to run for deputy

Resignation is 'see you soon' and a gesture to help the PSDB and the country, says Doria

Allies of former judge Sergio moro try to convince you to run for a deputy vacancy in the Federal Chamber with the argument that, in the event of a historic vote, the former Minister of Justice of Jair Bolsonaro could start negotiations to assume the presidency of the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) of the Chamber, considered the most important in the House and responsible for giving legal scrutiny to bills. The two-year post would function, say interlocutors, as a counterpoint to the role of the President of the Republic, be he Squid (EN) or Jair Bolsonaro (PL). In conversations about the fate of the ex-judge, protagonist of a succession of political setbacks that made it impossible for him to run for the presidency, as planned, supporters account that in the Chamber he would have 40 to 50 deputies for a “Morista bench”.

Three main reasons explain the reasons why Moro resists accepting from now on the possibility of running for a seat in the Chamber for União Brasil, as the party wants. In addition to feeding the very remote possibility that the political situation will return him to the presidential race, the former Lava-Jato judge believes that, if he accepts the undertaking, he will face an environment of constant hostility among hundreds of other parliamentarians. The evaluations also include the fact that he is pressured by supporters on social networks not to elect, with his potential vote, other deputies without any commitment to agendas aimed at fighting corruption, for example.

As an eventual candidate for deputy for Paraná, his electoral domicile of origin, he would also compete with former prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol (Podemos), who headed the Lava Jato task force in Curitiba, and with former governor Beto Richa ( PSDB), target of the then magistrate in an operation that in 2018 investigated the involvement of public servants and businessmen in favoring bids for the benefit of Odebrecht.

Despite the calculations made by supporters, Moro harbors the dream of being a candidate for the Senate, but for that he could have to run against Senator Alvaro Dias (Podemos), one of those responsible for bringing him to party life. In recent days, Dias’ interlocutors have not ruled out the possibility of the congressman vying for a seat in the Chamber, avoiding the wear and tear of slamming the ticket with the ex-judge.

In the scenario in which Moro’s candidacy for the Senate is taken into account, however, there are other mishaps along the way. The caption is commanded in Paraná by the Francischini family, whose state deputy, Fernando Francischini, was impeached by the Electoral Justice for spreading fake news about electronic voting machines and became President Jair Bolsonaro’s latest weapon of attack against the Federal Supreme Court (STF) . Francischini was coordinator of the Bolsonarista campaign in 2018. For Moro to run for the Senate for Paraná, it would be necessary for the president of União Luciano Bivar to impose the name of the former judge on the directory.

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