What tricks will help you wake up in the morning in a good mood

Out of sorts in the morning again? Is coffee as refreshing as a glass of water? Don’t have the energy or time to run? There are a couple of tips from scientists and doctors that will help make the morning good.

The mood in which a person wakes up depends not only on the duration of sleep, but also on its phase. Wake up in the deep phase – walk around all day with a heavy head and a desire to sleep. Wake up in the superficial phase – feel the rise of strength, energy, freshness.

How to wake up at the right moment? As told KP.Ru Somnologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Nervous Diseases and Neurosurgery, Head of the Department of Sleep Medicine at Sechenov University Mikhail Poluektov, the time of REM sleep can be easily calculated by yourself.

– Sleep cycles follow each other with amazing frequency and accuracy. For some, the cycle can be short, lasting 1 hour 20 minutes, for others it can be long – up to 1 hour 35 minutes. The cycle begins with light sleep, continues with deep sleep, and ends again with light sleep. Most people go through 4-5 such cycles per night, while the duration of the phases is individual and constant. Therefore, anyone can calculate the length of their cycle in order to wake up in the phase of light sleep, he said.

According to the expert, for this you need to go to bed at the same time. When you wake up, you need to assess your condition. If it’s good, you woke up on time, if it’s bad, then you’re not.

– Estimating how much time you slept, you can calculate the duration of the cycle. Keep in mind that it is in the range of 1 hour 20 minutes – 1 hour 35 minutes. By calculating its duration, which fits into the total sleep time, you can always calculate for what time you need to set the alarm, the scientist said.

Psychoendocrinologist, President of the Russian Diabetes Association Mikhail Bogomolov says that you need to synchronize your biorhythms with natural ones.

– Our body is designed so that about an hour before dawn, serious shifts in metabolism begin to occur, which should help us provide energy at the beginning of the day. At the same time, hormones are released that increase blood pressure and make the heart beat faster. At the same time, we continue to sleep, and do not wake up and start doing business. That is why heart attacks and strokes are more common during these morning hours, he says.

If people were to get up at sunrise, go outside and engage in physical activity, the negative effects would be lessened. Increased sugar would be absorbed by the muscles, and not turned into fat, as happens during sleep, hormones would help the body get to work.

Waking up at dawn is difficult, but you have to try, even if you can’t fall asleep earlier, in order to have time to sleep.

– After one or two days of such early waking up, you will not have a problem in going to bed early and falling asleep, – said Mikhail Bogomolov.

After an early awakening, you need to take a walk or do exercises (best of all, stretching), and then have breakfast after that – barley porridge, buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, flax seeds with berries or fruits.

He noted that the morning solar spectrum is important for the body, in which there are many bright colors that give a person optimism and positive energy.

– Foot massagers help to wake up well. They perfectly stimulate active points on the feet, there are a lot of them. It is also good to use massage insoles for this, the expert recommends.

If you have health problems, you need to consult a specialist

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