Spyros Amoranitis, Apostolos Tsakirakis, Cyntia Ravyts and Panagiotis Amoranitis in their case Lito.

Spyros Amoranitis, Apostolos Tsakirakis, Cyntia Ravyts and Panagiotis Amoranitis in their case Lito. © fvv


Apostolos Tsakirakis (59), Panagiotis Amoranitis (35) and Spyros Amoranitis (65) want to prove that Greek cuisine and culture are more than moussaka and tzatziki. In Lito Greek Food & Wines in the Zuidstationstraat they sell Greek wines, traditional products and takeaway dishes that you can also find in Greek living rooms.

Lotte Ruysschaert

The Greek Spyros Amoranitis came to Belgium at the time to study. He settled in Liège, where his son Panagiotis was born. Father and son started a business there where they sell Greek wines mainly to the catering industry.

But because they also sell more and more in Flanders, they started with Lito in Ghent. They did this together with their friend Apostolos, who came to Liège when he was not yet two years old. (read more below the photo)

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At Lito Greek Food & Wines they sell traditional Greek products, such as oil and spices. In addition, they have a wide range of drinks with more than three hundred labels. There are mainly Greek wines, but also spirits and soft drinks.

Panagiotis goes to Greece six to seven times a year to visit local Greek merchants and winegrowers. He personally selects all products for Lito there.

White taramosalata

All dishes are prepared by a Greek chef. He makes traditional Greek dishes in his own way. For example, the taramosalata does not turn pink with him, but white. “We also sell moussaka and tzatziki, but Greek cuisine is so much more than that. With us you will also find what you would get at people’s homes in Greece,” says Apostolos. (read more below the photo)

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The warehouse and central kitchen are located in Merelbeke, but the retail store is located in Zuidstationstraat. You can pick up the ready-made meals there. The price for a bottle of Greek wine varies between five and two hundred euros. Once a month, Lito organizes a wine tasting in Ghent.

INFO: www.litofoodwines.be† Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 7:30 pm. First two weeks without food and after that with caterer.

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