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What’s Behind Fachin’s Tone Change With Bolsonaro

Resignation is 'see you soon' and a gesture to help the PSDB and the country, says Doria

the president of Superior Electoral Courtminister Edson Fachinchanged the tone in relation to Jair Bolsonaro this Monday, 13. The magistrate did not mince words when saying that the President of the Republic was spreading another fake news about the Electoral Justice. Much less disguised that it was for Bolsonaro to whom he addressed the words he had spoken, as he has already done on other occasions.

“Who questions [a capacidade da Justiça Eleitoral] demonstrates only political motivation or technical ignorance of the subject. I am now referring specifically to an interview with a high authority of the Republic in which he mentions that it is not possible to count votes at the same time. Criticism is inappropriate. There is an information error”, said the president of the TSE and then added: “This is the problem: disinformation is spread to attack the electoral justice”.

The change in posture and direct statement responding to Bolsonaro has some reasons.

According to the column, the first one has to do with the internal “fatigue” – between the magistrates who make up the TSE and the high-ranking servants of the court. All because of the continuous and cowardly attacks by Jair Bolsonaro, who try to undermine the more than proven smoothness of the Brazilian electoral system.

It should be remembered that on May 12 – that is, just a month ago –, on the occasion when Fachin said that the elections are a matter for civilians and “unarmed forces”, the minister denied that the phrase was a message to Bolsonaro. .

“I don’t send and I don’t receive messages from anyone.” Since then, Fachin’s tone has changed, reaching a peak this Monday, the 13th, stating, without being provoked, that he was speaking directly to Bolsonaro.

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During the weekend, colleagues in TSE gowns – that is, the magistrates who make up the court – commented among themselves about a demonstration organized in Brasília by supporters of the ENopposition to Bolsonaro, in which they, the PT members, criticized electronic voting machines.

In other words, with his coup-mongering speech against electoral justice, the President of the Republic managed to contaminate not only the followers of the Brazilian extreme right, his faithful supporters, but also militants from the opposition party that has the leader of the voting intention polls, Squid.

Also on Monday, the 13th, when talking to court servants from all over Brazil, Fachin even used a metaphor to explain the current moment in Brazilian history. The magistrate said that when he was little, everyone used to play on dirt roads about how the cars raised that “dust”.

In Fachin’s opinion, there is a lot of “dust” raised on these issues of electronic voting machines and the vote counting system, but he recalled that, after the support is dropped, the road continues.

Clearly, he was talking about the Brazilian elections in 2022. Dust cannot be allowed to contaminate the environment.

All the turmoil caused by Jair Bolsonaro about the electoral process will pass, and Brazil will follow its course, as will many of the dirt roads across the country that follow, even after the dust is lifted.

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