What's going on with Tom Hanks?  Fans worried by images of speech

Hanks had to grab his mic with both hands every now and then because his right hand shook during the speech © YouTube

Fans are concerned about Tom Hanks after images surfaced showing the Hollywood actor’s hand shaking uncontrollably during a speech in the Australian city of Gold Coast.

jvhSource: The Mirror

Hanks (65) gave the speech at the premiere of the film Elvis, in which he plays the role of the singer’s legendary manager. The film was made in Australia’s Gold Coast and Sydney-born filmmaker Baz Luhrmann had arranged for the film to premiere in the city.

“I’ve made movies in Morocco, Los Angeles, New York City and Seattle,” joked de Da Vinci Code– actor. “But none of those cities have what Gold Coast has. Two words. Those cities don’t have Dan Murphy’s (a chain of liquor stores, ed.)† But at one point during that speech, the actor had to grab the microphone with both hands to control the tremor.

The images have sparked concern on social media, where fans fear the trembling is a symptom of a serious illness.

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