Iberia acquires one of its main competitors.
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WhatsAppthe messaging network most popular in the worldis often an easy target for scammers and “hackers” tend to mobilize different strategies to scam to the users. As well as point to Steal your personal information.

In this case, the latest scam attempt for which Iberia was forced to repudiate through its social networks is a alleged offer linked to a gift or raffle under the excuse of the next black friday what is coming right now.

That is why, in case you are planning to take a flight soon, from Iberia they advise take advantage of the offers that may be published in your official website and not be guided by these WhatsApp chains that stand out for their distrust.


Iberia acquires one of its main competitors.


How to avoid these scams?

In order not to fall into these falsehoods, from Iberia they advise users that, in case of receiving any of these supposed offers via message, the report immediately. In addition, they said that, “as a general rule, never enter any domain that is not from Iberia”. That is, to see possible offers or discounts on airline flights, it is best to check the official platform.

By WhatsApp scams of all kinds are constantly distributed. That is why the best thing you can do is never enter any link unknown contacts let alone answer messages from people who are not part of your contact book. Since, in some cases, it may be an attempt to account theft.

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