WhatsApp: why you should not delete messages for everyone

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Why it is not convenient to delete messages for everyone

  • First of all, every time you delete a message for everyone, you tend to leave a trace, that is, the other person will know that you have decided to delete your text after sending it.
  • It is possible that the other person will ask you for explanations, so it is always better to think about what you are going to write before writing it and sending it.
  • Remember that some people tend to use third-party programs that tell them which message you deleted. These break privacy, so you have to be very careful on WhatsApp.
  • To be able to delete a message for everyone, you need to press the text in question for about two seconds and choose whether you want to delete it for yourself or for everyone.
  • After an hour you will no longer be able to delete that message that you wanted so much, you can even delete it if 1 minute has not passed after it was sent and read.

How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

All messages sent by WhatsApp are encrypted, so the message cannot be accessed directly, but it can be log user notification information via WAMR.

In this way, a copy of what the notifications show is created with all the information to which it has access. Here is included in addition to the text, all kinds of files: images, videos, voice notes, gifs or stickers.

In case, for example, someone sends a message on WhatsApp, but directly deletes it from the conversation, WAMR is able to report this event and gives access to the deleted message without the other person being aware of it.

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