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Unable to defend himself, the victim is punched and kicked and thrown to the ground

By Marcos Tenório | 11/17/2022 21:34

Residents of Bairro Zé Pereira are disgusted with two boys who have been constantly attacking a wheelchair user. Images sent to Campo Grande News, show the cruelty of young people not yet identified.

The security circuit of a residence in the region recorded last Sunday (13), at 20:49, two boys attacking an unidentified wheelchair user. In the video it is possible to see that they approach the young man and attack with punches followed by a kick, which makes the disabled person fall to the ground.

One of the perpetrators of the attacks comes close and puts his foot on the victim’s head. After the aggressions, they put the victim back in the wheelchair and act as if nothing had happened.

The video shows that the boy who knocks the wheelchair down with a kick, would be with a cell phone filming all aggression.

One of the witnesses, who preferred not to be identified, said she is tired of seeing this situation, where the wheelchair user cannot defend himself against aggression and wants enough. There is no information on whether the victim or family reported the case to the police.

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