When is 'Black Friday' and how long will it last: discounts are for several days
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And it is that many Colombians and Latin Americans took advantage of the promotions that were made in the American ‘Black Friday’ to purchase products through Amazon and other businesses, so local brands saw an opportunity to develop their own businesses.

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Since 2014, this day of discounts has been replicated in Colombia —in which tycoon Jeff Bezoz recommended not to participate— and it is done in the last week of November, to inaugurate the Christmas season.

Despite the fact that there is talk of a single day of discounts (a Friday), in reality it lasts longer.

Date of ‘Black Friday’ 2022 in Colombia and how long it will last

The sales will be available from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 Novemberdays in which the remaining products with the lowest price will be published in the black friday page.

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However, also You can make purchases from the portals or physical stores of some businessessince not all those who want to participate are registered on the official website.

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There is a great variety of products, including housing, that can be bought with discounts on ‘Black Friday’; among the list are:

  • Air tickets and hotel reservations.
  • Cell phones and other technological devices.
  • Home appliances.
  • Clothing.
  • Sport elements.
  • Elements for the home.
  • Drink.

Each store is free to decide how much it discounts each product. There are discounts of 20%, 30%, 45% and sometimes up to 70%.

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