Banks in the country react to Petro's triumph: "Respect for private initiative"

The Valle del Cauca woman was one of the celebrities who most emphasized that she did not want a government of Gustavo Petro and even iconsulted his wife and his vice-presidential formula, Francia Márquez.

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It was even said that heThe artist would be evaluating leaving Colombia if the leftist candidate won the presidency, situation that occurred this June 19, in the second electoral round.

Now that the former mayor of Bogotá has risen to the most important position in the country, Marbelle’s opponents have turned to talk about her supposed new residence outside of Colombia, and even an airline gave him options of where to go.

The interpreter already had a chance to change country, when her boyfriend, Sebastián Salazar, played in Brazil. However, they maintained a long-distance relationship because she did not move.

Where does Marbelle’s boyfriend play and if he can open doors for him in another country

Not at the moment, well Salazar, who has remained on the sidelines of his partner’s opinions, returned to Colombia some time ago.

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The former Independiente Santa Fe player plays for Jaguares de Córdobaalthough since the end of 2021 he has not been available due to an injury he had, and for which he was given a three-month disability, according to a club statement.

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on several occasions they have traveled together to the United States and, even there, they were vaccinated against COVID-19 last year.

However, the direction that Marbelle would take and if her boyfriend would accompany her is unknown. The truth is she has reiterated on Twitter that “there is no possibility” that she will stay in Colombia.

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