Where was the epicenter of the tremor today;  they report that they felt "strong" in Cali

In its first trill in this regard, the entity also published a map of the area where Thursday’s tremor was felt the strongest and indicated an area between Chocó and Valle del Cauca.

Minutes later, added a post in which he reported that there was another tremor seconds before (4:22 pm)but of lesser magnitude (3.0), in Los Santos, Santander.

Epicenter of today’s strong tremor was in Chocó

Although many believed that it had been in Cali, since it was felt more strongly there, the Geological Service confirmed that it was in Chocó.

In that last report, the entity lowered the magnitude of the earthquake from 5.5 to 5.2 and added that the epicenter was exactly in El Litoral de San Juan.

Part of the citizens who reported the earthquake, through Twitter, assured that felt “strong” in Valle del Cauca, especially in its capital and in Buga.

Reports of shaking strong in Cali. Bogota It was not felt”, wrote one user, while another assured that it was felt in the Colombian capital.

These are some of the trills with messages about the telluric movement with epicenter in Chocó

other citizens too they claimed to have felt the tremor in Huila, especially in Neiva; and in some sectors of the Coffee Regionamong those in Pereira.

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