Which are the cheapest Argentine cities to buy apartments
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Mendoza capital is the city cheapest in the country to buy a two-room apartment. In this sense, the value of square meter is 1,057 Dollars. Thus, an average 50m2 two-bedroom unit costs $56,600 and a typical 70m2 three-bedroom unit buys for $76,600.

Meanwhile, the capital of Córdoba is the second most accessible to buy a property of this type: the average price of the square meter of a property for sale is located in $1,127. Thus, an average unit with two rooms and 50 m2 costs $58,719, while a three-room apartment and 70 m2 reaches $83,504.

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For its part, the port city of rosary beads is in the Third place of the sale price classification. Currently, the average cost of square meter is 1,518 dollars. There, a property with two rooms and 50 m2 has a value of 77,670 dollars, while a property with three rooms and 70 m2 comprises 114,430 dollars.

Finally, the report carried out by the Zonaprop property portal reveals that the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is the one that has highest value when buying an apartment: the square meter has an average price of $2,222. It is 110% more expensive than the Mendoza square meter. Thus, a 50 m2 two-room unit costs $116,307 and a 70 m2 three-room unit has an average value of $163,740.

In Argentina, Puerto Madero (5,594 dollars/m2) turns out to be the neighborhood with the highest value to buy a property. Followed by Cerro Chico (2,990 dollars/m2) which is the location with the highest average cost of sale in Córdoba and Palermo (2,948 dollars/m2) in CABA.

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How does real estate profitability behave in each location?

In the city of Mendoza it takes 22.1 years to recover the investment purchase, 20% less than a year ago. The price/rent ratio stands at 4.52% per year. In this way, it is emerging as the most profitable place in the ranking.

On the other hand, in the city of Córdoba 22.3 years are required of income to be able to amortize the purchase investment, 31% less than a year ago. In Rosario, it takes 24.5 years rent to recover the money invested. This is a figure 32% lower than what was necessary a year ago.

In the City of Buenos Aires it takes 24.5 years rent to recover the investment, 25% below what was required a year ago. There the price/rent ratio begins to recover and stands at 4.07% annual return.

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