While it is scarce in several areas of the country, the 12% rise in diesel is in force since midnight

After the government authorized a 12% increase in the price of diesel, this Friday that rise began to be implemented in the pumps throughout the country, which will take effect from midnight this Thursday. In this way, the liter of fuel within the City of Buenos Aires will go from $113 to more than $126 and the premium, from $145 to $165.

In an attempt to alleviate the lack of diesel in almost the entire country, the Government authorized one in the cut biodiesel in diesel, a measure welcomed by SMEs, whose impact on the chain of diesel use will be seen in the coming days. As indicated, this increase in the level of biodiesel will have a transitory, in search of increase the supply of diesel throughout the country.

The new cut goes from 5% to 7.5% for SMEs and up to 12% for all biodiesel companies as long as the price of biofuel is below that of diesel.

The field goes out to the routes in protest against the shortage of diesel

For its part, YPF, Raizen, PAE and Trafigura supported the actions taken by the Government to guarantee the supply of fuel and indicated that they will deepen their efforts to help alleviate the current situation.

This year, both the demand for diesel and its production and local supply reached historic levels, they noted.

On the supply side, during March-May 2022, the industry dispatched 3.9 million m3 of diesel, which represents a record volume vs. pre-pandemic: 12% more than in 2019 (3.4 million m3).

In addition to the decision to increase the biodiesel cut, they support the national government’s decision to reduce the tax burden of the tax on liquid fuels on imported diesel, thus allowing to alleviate the pressure on import costs.

They said that too increased “the run of crude oil to increase the supply of diesel in the domestic market, reaching the refineries 100% processing capacity”.


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