Rodrigo de Paul won a bet on Tini Stoessel's brother.  (Photo: Capture)

Tini Stoessel He traveled to La Rioja where he will give a concert. Meanwhile, his brother Francis Stoesselwho is in Europe, was very amused with Rodrigo dePaul.

The footballer went bowling with his brother-in-law and it seems to have done quite well. “Look how he celebrates, bol …”, Francisco is heard saying while he films De Paul in full celebration.

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However, in the recording, the Argentine national team player wanted to brag about his skill in the sport, but the ball went off the side of the track.

Rodrigo de Paul won a bet on Tini Stoessel’s brother. (Photo: Capture)

Francisco’s video was shared by the soccer player on his social networks, who also wrote: “The bets are paid”. But he did not reveal what was at stake. A mutual friend also congratulated the winner: “Congratulations, champion.”

Alejandro Stoessel faced the scandal for an alleged like against Camila Homs

Alexander Stoessel, Tini Stoessel’s father, was always characterized by keeping a low profile. But over the weekend he became involved in a controversy after allegedly Like a comment against Camila Homs.

Alejandro Stoessel and Tini are great partners.  (Photo: Instagram /minastoessel).
Alejandro Stoessel and Tini are great partners. (Photo: Instagram /minastoessel).

“The truth is, we support Rodrigo De Paul. The ex is a conflict. She can’t believe he left her. She now realizes that she is not the navel of the world. I hope Tini’s father files a criminal complaint for slander and insults, let’s see how she does, “wrote a user and, according to her, Stoessel liked it but then deleted it.

In dialogue with THE M (America), the producer flatly denied the version: “It was circulated that he had given a ‘like’ to an aggressive comment against Camila. That is false”.

Rodrigo de Paul said that Tini Stoessel and Camila Homs shared a video call

In the past week Rodrigo DePaul spoke for the first time of his separation from Camila Homs and surprised everyone. After clarifying that the bond between them is very good and that all the family dynamics flow, He referred to the beginning of his romance with Tini Stoessel, who is now with him in Spain. There she revealed that her current partner shared a video call with his ex.

Tini Stoessel had a get together with friends at De Paul's house.  (Photo: instagram/tinistoessel - camihoms)
Tini Stoessel had a get together with friends at De Paul’s house. (Photo: instagram/tinistoessel – camihoms)

The other day I made a video call because Tini arrived in Madrid, we spoke with my daughter, who saw her and Cami was there. My daughter paraded, Cami focused her, we from here applauded her. It’s all super normal and super clear, ”she pronounced on the air of America news.

He then emphasized: “My relationship with Tini and Camila, who is the mother of my children, is super clear. We don’t get along badly at all. We write to each other, we talk to each other, if Cami needs something she knows that she can count on me and so can I. She is rebuilding her life and I am mine.”

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