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White microbikinis never go out of style and Flavia Palmiero shows it from the sea

Flavia Palmiero

If we talk about colors, the range for this summer surprises. However, there is a tone that never goes out of style and Flavia Palmiero He wanted to make it clear with his new publication on Instagram.

Palmiero chose white in a one-strap top designthat the actress chose to pose her from the sand and in front of the sea.

Is that white is a classic color that highlights the tan and it goes well with any design, something Flavia knows well.

Flavia Palmiero (Instagram/)

“My white Positano bikini. This is a classic color and one that transcends time. It is always fashionable and in summer it is more!”, he assured.

What is Flavia Palmiero’s swimwear brand like?

Flavia Palmiero has been very dedicated to her brand of swimwear and summer clothing. She is not only in charge of the designs, but is also in charge of modeling each outfit of her brand “Flavia Palmiero collection”.

Flavia Palmiero is very dedicated to her brand of swimwear. (Instagram/)

In addition, Flavia uses her social networks to provide information about her garments, from inform if new clothes arrive to explain in detail about the colors and styles.

The photo of Flavia Palmiero that was filled with red hearts for her animal print look. (Instagram/)
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