Payment for Progresar Idiomas will be made every four months.
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Payment for Progresar Idiomas will be made every four months.

Progress Scholarships 2022

According to the ANSES payment schedule, this assistance for students of secondary, tertiary and university levels It is paid every month with the following amounts:

  • Progress Job: $7,400.
  • Progress Required: $7,400.
  • Progress Upper: $7,400.
  • Progress Nursing: $7,400 to $10,400.

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How to collect an extra $6,000

The beneficiaries of the Progress Scholarships they will be able to study Languages and thus receive a bond of $6,000 in November, within the framework of the Training and Certification Program in Foreign Languages. To access this extra income, they must complete a virtual course with a course of four months.

What languages ​​can be studied?

The languages ​​that, until now, have been announced by ANSES are:

  • English.
  • Portuguese.
  • French.
  • Chinese.
  • Italian.
  • German.

There are four levels per language and, after passing them, holders may continue training in the same language or choose a new one. In turn, they will receive the bonus when completing each level, which will be charged together with the scholarship creditin their respective bank accounts.

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Which are the requirements

Beneficiaries must receive some of the following social benefit lines:

  • Progress 16 and 17 years.
  • Obligatory education.
  • Higher education.
  • Progress Job.

How to sign up

Registration to study languages ​​is done through the Progress official website or from the app progress+.


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