Who collects AUH, retirement, new IFE and Anses benefits on Tuesday, June 14

The Anses (National Administration of Social Security) continues with the payment of its social benefits according to the calendar of the month, and disseminated the allocations corresponding to the Tuesday June 14.

The exact date of collection of each of them can be consulted in the schedule established by the agency, which today includes payment to retirees and pensioners with assets that do not exceed $42,178, the Universal Child Allowance, the PNC Family Allowances and the Single Payment Allowances, corresponding to the first fortnight of the month. It should also be noted that all of them are paid according to the termination of the DNI of their holders, as is usually the case with payments from this entity.

This month a new increase in benefits will become effective, as a result of the second annual update of the amounts contemplated by the Retirement Mobility Law. After this rise, which will apply to the months of June, July and August -a new revision must be made in September-, the minimum credit will go from $32,630.40 to $37,524.96 and the maximum, from $219,571.69 to $252,507. Non-contributory pensions (PNC), which are equivalent to 70 percent of the minimum, will be located at $26,267; meanwhile, the Universal Pension for the Elderly (PUAM) will reach $30,020. The Universal Child Allowance will go from $6,375 to $7,332.

In addition, as detailed by the body led by Fernanda Raverta, the payment of the second installment of the Income Reinforcement will begin on June 15 and will end on the 30th of this month. This assistance was arranged by the Government to improve the situation of category A and B monotributistas, and of informal and household workers. In total, it is $18,000; that is, two payments of $9,000.

On the other hand, retirees will receive the first half of the Complementary Annual Salary (SAC), better known as a bonus. In this way, on your payment day, $16,015 will be automatically credited to the accounts of the holders of this benefit who receive the minimum.

For workers, the date established for the payment of the bonus was defined by Law 27,073, which modified in 2015 article 122 of the Labor Contract Law: “The SAC will be paid in two installments: the first due on June 30 and the second due on December 18 of each year”. Therefore, the first installment is paid on the last working day of June and the second, shortly before the December holidays.

If it is not your turn yet or the benefit has not yet been paid, you can consult the calendar for the month of Anses.

The payment of the second half of the $18,000 foreseen in the Income Reinforcement will be paid as follows:

According to official information from Anses, 7.5 million people will receive the extraordinary bonus. As timely informed, the collection of this assistance is compatible with other state assistance such as the Universal Child Allowance, the Pregnancy Allowance for Social Protection, the Unemployment Benefit, the Work Promotion, the fact of being registered in the National Registry of Workers of the Popular Economy, and with the provincial and municipal food plans.

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