Who is not afraid of Otto Skorzeny,"the most dangerous man in europe"?

The allies accused him of wanting to kill Eisenhower, a charge he emphatically denied because – he said with a hint of arrogance – he was not ordered to do so. If he had been ordered, he would have killed him without further ado… simply, that order did not exist.

Finally, he had to avoid the most dangerous charge of having used American uniforms behind enemy lines, an act that he had recognized and the reason for which many of his men had been shot on the spot. It was then that Yeo-Thomas, the legendary White Rat –the best-known English commando of the Second War– spontaneously appeared in court, and recognized that he had also used German uniforms to mislead the enemy. After a few minutes of silence, Yeo-Thomas walked over to Skorzeny and saluted him. It would not be the last time that both would see each other because what the authorities were preparing was their incorporation into an anti-communist force that was being built in the shadows thinking that a Third World War would soon break out between the West and the Soviet Union… but this contest never came to the unleashed fury that all these men had experienced.

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On July 25, 1948, Otto Skorzeni he accommodated as best he could his extensive humanity (as we said, measured 1.94 cm) in the trunk of the commander of the prison where he was imprisoned and fled to meet his wife and hide from the Russians who were desperately looking for him to settle some scores. Since then he was part of the mysterious organization founded by General Reinhard Gehlenbase of the future German secret service and the most successful weapon in the West during the Cold War, with thousands of agents infiltrated in the Soviet Union who, otherwise, would have ended up tried and/or sentenced in Nuremberg.

After a brief stay in France and establishing himself as a businessman in Spain, Otto Skorzeni He traveled to Buenos Aires where he met Perón and acted as his wife’s bodyguard, while visiting former comrades who were refugees in the country. In 1957 he bought a property in Ireland but his neighbors wanted nothing to do with this fugitive Nazi and the country denied him a permanent visa, but Spain did not, where he befriended the most recalcitrant wing of Francoism and led a prosperous life thanks to the many business he did with Hjalmar Sachts –former president of the Reichsbank–, whom he had met in prison. Apparently all of his business activity was a front to do what he did best: train people to infiltrate enemy camps and, if necessary, kill.

Skiorzeny achieved lifetime immunity thanks to a pact with the Israeli Mossad by helping him ward off the rocket hazard that Nasser was building in Egypt with the assistance of German experts.

A meticulous man, he left a file –since he planned to write the script for a Hollywood movie about his tumultuous existence– in the hands of a Spanish executor, Louis Maria Brown. With Skorzeny dead, Pardo sold these papers to the highest bidder, a former North American major named Ralph P. Ganis. This one, in his book The Skorzeny paperslinks the famous Nazi with the assassination of President Kennedy, beginning with the strange coincidence that the American judge who exonerated Hitler’s command in 1946, Jesse C Duvall – to whom Skorzeny had given a dagger in an ivory box after the trial – had some interviews with Skorzeny’s lawyer. Lee Harvey Oswald and with Roy Pike, an employee of Jack Ruby, the owner of a cabaret who killed the assassin of the president in front of thousands of people. One of those present at that time was Captain Jean René Souetrea French mercenary who had worked for Skorzeny in Algeria and who was “deported” from the United States 48 hours after Oswald’s assassination, accused, in turn, of having attacked General Charles de Gaulle on August 22, 1962 .

Skorzeny was also hired by the CIA to eliminate both Fidel Castro and Ernesto “Che” Guevara after they had defeated the Batista government.

His anti-Castro activity had to be interrupted to prevent the Congo’s vital uranium supplies from falling into Communist hands. On January 17, 1961, President Patrice Lumumba he was captured, tortured, and executed by a team led by Skorzeny.

And why Kennedy? The president and his sexual relations that could reveal the “Bobby Baker scandal” activated the CIA and its loyal and efficient “administrator” Otto Skorzeniwho launched his trained men to solve the problem with a team of Russian anti-communists (who contacted Oswaldo as a scapegoat), CIA agent, mafia men, businessmen and this mysterious Captain Souette man who acts as nexus of the former German commando and those who shoot.

Skorzeny died of cancer in 1975 at his home in Viso, his body cremated and the ashes of “Europe’s most dangerous man” buried in the family vault in Döbling, Vienna. On his last ride a crowd greeted him at Skorzeny’s ashes with raised right arms.

To some Skorzeny was a hero, to Churchill a cunning military man, to others an arrogant Nazi and to Ephraim Zuroffthe head of the center simon wiesenthal, “just bullshit”.

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