Who will succeed László Toroczkai?

László Toroczkai was elected mayor of Ásotthalom in the interim held on December 15, 2013, and was re-elected in 2014 and 2019. The Mi Hazánk Mozgalom – breaking away from Jobbik – raised its flag in the summer of 2018, in the 2022 parliamentary elections they entered the parliament with a list result of 5.88 percent, László Toroczkai became a member of parliament and faction leader, so he had to leave the leadership of Ásotthalom.

The interim mayoral election will be held on Sunday, August 7. The starters:

  • Csaba Bardócz (independent)
  • Zsuzsanna Greller (independent)
  • Gábor Magyar (Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party)
  • Renata Papp (independent)
  • Tatjána Szatler (Solution Movement)

The Mi Hazánk Movement announced on Tuesday who they are supporting:

Mi Hazánk Mozgalom supports the currently independent deputy mayor, Renáta Papp, in the Ásotthalm interim mayoral election that will take place this weekend. Among the candidates, we can only imagine the further implementation of the program started by Mi Hazánk Mozgalom in the settlement in the future.

János Lázár also joined the campaign in Mártély

Mártély mayor Anita Putz about it after the April 3 elections wrote On his Facebook page, “an activist called me unsuccessfully, already on the night of the election, from the winning side, but since then he went several times and finally to our family home in Mártély. By asking for my mother’s cell phone, he was able to deliver the message personally”, which according to the village leader looked like this:

I can stand up with dignity. Full discredit, humiliation and even much worse will soon begin. The ruling party won, I have to go.

Anita Putz also claimed that János Lázár called four of the six representatives to a meeting. The board dissolved itself in April. Two candidates are running for the post of mayor:

  • Anita Putz (independent)
  • István Ambrus (independent)

János Lázár, the parliamentary representative of the region, is campaigning for István Ambrus, on his Facebook page in June presented, that “I have known István Ambrus for almost two decades, who was my excellent friend and, at the same time, my great colleague”. The Beaver Press information According to István Ambrus, he previously worked as János Lázár’s driver.

The Fidesz politician – who was again given a ministerial position in the government cycle that started this year – said so formulated About the sauce:

What can be seen from the outside is that Mártély is completely bankrupt. The village is inoperable, the reins have been thrown between the horses, there is no development, no development, the mayor and the former council of representatives outlived the money in the village hall and are full of debt.

János Lázár also stated that “if they want Mártély to not only have debt, but also money, then they should vote for István Ambrus, because I want to make it clear that a mayor who bankrupted the settlement and made it impossible Martély’s life, the government will not help”.

The parliamentary opposition enters the ring in Orosháza

Due to Orosháza’s resignation, an interim individual constituency representative election is necessary. The candidates:

  • Enikő Gyapjasné Béres (independent)
  • Zsolt Nagy (Our Country)
  • Sándor Németh (Momentum, DK)
  • György Imre Ujj (Labour Party-ISZOMM)

You have to wait until late Sunday evening for the election results.

(Cover image: Dorina Ruzsovics / Index)

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