Who's who in the new Lightyear movie?

Alisha Hawthorne (voice of Uzo Aduba) has been Buzz’s commander for many years, and also shares a great friendship with him. She “She is highly qualified, competent and trustworthy. She invests in people, training recruits and inviting rookies into action while Buzz just has no patience for them,” explains producer Galyn Susman.

In the new story, Buzz and Alisha set out to return home from a mission, but their ship is diverted to the uncharted, potentially resource-rich planet T’Kani Prime. When the team notices that the planet turns out to be swampy and full of aggressive climbing plants and swarms of huge insects, they decide to get out of there quickly, but the ship ends up crashing, its fuel cell is destroyed, and Buzz, Alisha and the entire crew they are stranded. “Alisha is in a way the founder of the colony. She helps everyone stay sane and move on while Buzz is solely focused on righting her wrong,” notes MacLane.

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