Alcilete during testimony at the Jury Court.  (Photo: Marcos Maluf)
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Alcilete during testimony at the Jury Court. (Photo: Marcos Maluf)

“Why did he do that? Wasn’t it so simple to leave?” The questioning comes from Alcilete Albuquerque de Freitas, grandmother of Natalin Nara Garcia de Freitas Maia, who died at the age of 22 by her husband, a former Air Force soldier, Tamerson Ribeiro de Lima Souza. Alcilete was heard during the ex-soldier’s jury, which takes place this Friday (25), at the Campo Grande Forum.

The grandmother said that Natalin even commented a few times that she wanted to separate, as the relationship with Tamerson was not well. “But she said if she separated from him, he would kill her.” When remembering the moments, the grandmother cried. She commented that Natalin’s 5-year-old daughter often asks her mother. “She says ‘little voice I miss my mother, so much’, I answer ‘look, your mother is there in heaven'”.

Natalin’s foster mother, Simone Vilela de Jesus Floriano, 37, was also heard by the jury. She said that she witnessed only one fight between the couple and also confirmed that Natalin wanted to separate. “He played dumb for everything. She [Natalin] always said ‘Tamerson drives me crazy'”, says the aunt.

On the day of the crime, after killing Natalin, Tamerson called Simone. “He called me asking if I had any news from Natalin, he was worried, he cried a little and said he was afraid something had happened to her. The call was not good”, he comments. Upon learning from the police that he was the one who had killed Natalin, Simone says she did not believe it. “I thought ‘it’s a lie’, I didn’t believe it, because he was the person I deposited all hopes for a future for Natalin’s daughter”, she pondered.

Jury – Tamerson was denounced for the crime of triple qualified homicide for the base motive, asphyxiation and femicide, in addition to the concealment of a corpse. This Friday’s jury is chaired by Judge Aluízio Pereira dos Santos, from the 2nd Jury Court.

The crime took place on February 4 of this year. In the complaint, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Mato Grosso do Sul described that the defendant acted for a base reason, due to the fact that the victim arrived home drunk and cursed him. In addition, there are indications that the couple’s 4-year-old daughter witnessed the crime.

the case – On February 6th of this year, Natalin’s body was found on the side of the BR-060, exit to Sidrolândia. The investigation points out that the young woman was killed at home. Tamerson Souza claimed to have been attacked by his wife, who arrived drunk and under the influence of drugs. To defend himself, he tried to hold her by applying a rear-naked choke and the woman fainted.

The ex-military man justified that he had no intention of killing her. Afraid of being arrested, Souza put the body in the trunk of the vehicle and, the next day, took his daughter to school with the body in the car. He left the girl and then proceeded to the highway and threw the corpse in the middle of a thicket.

When police arrived at the couple’s home and questioned them about Natalin, they said his wife had left. He also tried to lose her friends, answering messages on his cell phone and impersonating the victim. According to the investigation, he even told his daughter, before the body was located, that her mother was sick and died in the hospital.

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