Contributions from the provincial treasury to cover the deficit of Buenos Aires public companies
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The Economist Fausto Spotorno took aim on Tuesday against local public companies and explained why it is difficult for them to function properly in the country. During his passage through girl table (LN+), a program hosted by José Del Rio, considered that these types of companies “are nothing more than political boxes”.

“They were never created to generate profit or provide certain public services to society”, he maintained and insisted: “They were always political boxes. And it is not something new. It always happened. It happens now and it also happened in the 80s. The only thing they are good for is to put people there”.

Contributions from the provincial treasury to cover the deficit of Buenos Aires public companiesScreenshot

In addition, he shared a graph that shows how the contribution of the Buenos Aires Treasury to companies that depend on it has grown. Axel Kicillof. “This makes the province of Buenos Aires one of the few in our country that really has a deficit,” he said.

“This is something that is not new either. It has been happening for a while both in Buenos Aires and in other provinces. Argentina has stopped creating employment and, instead of stimulating training, the solution ends up being to invent public employees. It is not sustainable and it always happened in our country, ”he criticized.

Based on the current economic situation, Spotorno made a harsh forecast for 2023: We have an economy that will start next year with less than fair. The Government lacks dollars and the minister is trying to get them”.

And he explained: “On the side of exports there is not much to do anymore because you already settled them with the soybean dollar. Regarding wheat, there is a drought and what you harvest is strictly for internal consumption. If you decide to export, not only will you shoot up the price of derivatives such as flour, but you will increase poverty”.

“We are only going to have the dollars in April”, remarked the economist and stressed that “we have to get there somehow, probably with the help of imports.” “Everyone is trying to hold on but there is no long-term solution because the government does not see the long term,” he concluded.


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