Will Mesut Özil make a remarkable career switch?  “He is very good at Fortnite and is thinking about a gaming career”

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Mesut Ozil is a football icon. The now 33-year-old German has already won many prizes in his career, with the victory at the World Cup in 2014 with Germany as the absolute banner. But in recent years, Ozil has faded into the background: the German has been playing for Turkish Fenerbahçe since January 2021, although he now seems ready for a huge turn in his career.

Thomas Camic

According to his broker Erkut Sögüt, Özil will certainly not play for any other team. So staying with Fenerbahçe seems to be the only option, although Ozil is also thinking about something else: eSports. “He’s going to focus more and more on becoming a competitive gamer himself one day. He’s very good at Fortnite, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ever plays it competitively,” his broker told The Telegraph.

Ozil has been an avid gamer for some time now. Since 2018, the midfielder has had his own account on the streaming service Twitch, where he plays and broadcasts live video games. He now has 175,000 followers. “He already has his own team (M10 Esports), and he also has his own players. He also already has a real ‘gaming house’ in Germany. For him, Fortnite and FIFA is just like football,” said his broker.

However, the chance that Ozil will immediately plunge into competitive gaming is slim. The German still has a contract until 2024 with the Turkish top club Fenerbahçe.


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