Will the Ukrainian region of Kherson integrate Russia?

On May 11, the military and civil authorities of the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson (under the control of the Russian army) announced that they would address their request for integration with Russia directly to Vladimir Putin, without going through a referendum. , a decree of the Kremlin being in their eyes amply sufficient, reports the Russian online daily Gazeta.ru.

“The city of Kherson is Russia, there will be no People’s Republic of Kherson’, nor referendum”, said Deputy Head of Military and Civil Administration Kirill Stremoussov. Indeed, he specified, the referendum organized “completely legal” in Crimea in 2014, has not been recognized as such by the world community. According to his reasoning, the popular consultation is therefore not an essential step in the attachment to Russia. Legal documents for a formal application for integration into the Russian Federation will be prepared by the end of the year, the official added.

As the Russian daily recalls Kommersant, the Kherson region, whose strategic particularity for Russia is to have a land border with the Crimean peninsula, came under the control of Russian troops in March (the coast of the neighboring region of Zaporijia also, which allows u

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