Will TV and theater depend on the World Cup?
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One of the most important sporting events for many countries arrives. In Argentina the consumption of soccer is massive and without a doubt a large part of society is paralyzed when the ball starts rolling. Not to mention when the kicker is Lionel Messi. Historically it was and is the sport chosen by the majority of Argentines and every four years a unique phenomenon is generated: World Cup fever.

“I’m going to take advantage of going to the gym when the national team plays”, “I’ll go running along the waterfront since it will be empty” are some of the comments made by the anti football taking advantage of the fact that the streets are a desert when the light blue and white steps on the field. But thousands and thousands of spectators are the ones who pay attention to the eleven representatives of our flag who seek to raise the world cup.

But… What happens with the contents that have nothing to do with this sport? Some seek to adapt, others “bank” it with what they have been generating and there are those who prefer to “kick” everything until the championship is over.

Big Brother is it or is it done?

As you know in a few days the The world begins to revolve around Qatar. In favor or oppossing, enjoying it or avoiding being part of folklore, in all existing ways, there is not a person who is not affected by this event. Arriving at work and all the comments are from the game that Argentina played, hearing the screams of the neighbors when there is a goal, seeing the deserted streets, some flags on the balconies and not to mention the hundreds of Argentines who traveled to witness the event .

We will all be immersed, by choice or not, in the world. Television and other areas such as recitals and theaters are not left out of this phenomenon. Fortunately for those who want to keep its content without modifying it, this year when the FIFA event is played in a country where the time zone is so different from ours, it allows it to continue its course almost completely normally.

Let’s see what was generated with Coldplay a couple of weeks ago in Buenos Aires. The British band gave ten shows at the monumental, breaking a historical record, never before achieved by any musical group. 600,000 people filled the stadium for a week and a half. Although this did not happen during the World Cup, it was this event that paralyzed local soccer, allowing the establishment to be available for this recital.

Not everyone will be lucky Chris Martinbut it is worth an example to understand to what extent the matches that will take place in the Gulf country end up modifying the routine in South America.

China Suárez in Qatar: the impressive photos from the city of the 2022 World Cup

Another no less aspect in addition to the schedule has to do with the change in the championship date. Usually it is carried out in the middle of the year, but on this occasion, understanding the need to Qatar for its climate, should have been thought for the end of November and the beginning of December. This does not “cut in the middle” to television cycles that started in March but it does affect them at the end of them as it will happen with sing with me now.

Until the end. The singing contest, which opened in Argentina this year Marcelo Tinelli, Unlike its previous programs, it has the particularity of complying with the format and its conditions, without any possibility of deviating from the main content, which is the competition of singers. Benefited by the programming of the matches, far from prime time, it allows the driver to continue with its content until December 22 without any alteration or note related to the sporting event.

Success is not touched?. Big Brother will run its course, seeking to maintain the high number in the rating each night. So far no elimination gala, debate or nomination will be modified. But the World Cup will enter the house as a prize for some participants who will win the chance to see the national team play.

teleph In his grid he plans to include and is already doing so, coverage from the Arab country. Marley with around the world world He will broadcast live with his style what will happen on the other side of the planet. Also the new program Jessica Cirio relates to the event, called Women of the National Team and which will be broadcast on Sundays before The Rock of Morfi. There the host and model will interview the couples of the Argentine National Team players who will tell them what it is like to accompany the athletes at such an important moment.

The news of almost all the channels already have chroniclers from Qatar. Color notes, the preview of the matches and the analysis of the game will be commonplace in all editions of the news on the small screen until the end of the championship.

Controversy over the “false fans” of Argentina brought by the organizers of Qatar 2022

As we said earlier, The theater is also affected on this occasion. The summer seasons begin to warm up in the month of November, presenting their casts to debut in the last days of December or the beginning of January. But this year the period that is traditionally used for this promotion will be occupied by other entertainment, soccer. Some go ahead to present the figures and theatrical works before the World Cup to be news, others will be showing it on it, since this ends on December 18 and there is not much more time, since the 24th and 25th is Christmas and then comes end of the year.

The television, music and theater business has its times during the development of a year, some were forever altered and modified after the coronavirus pandemic. Others remained but there are also those who adapt and take advantage of Qatar. Going back to the question in the title, yes. “Will TV and theater depend on the World Cup?” some yes and others no, the results of this decision will be seen on the field.


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