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With 18 bodies, the Hacienda Arriba grave would be the largest found in León

With 18 bodies, the Hacienda Arriba grave would be the largest found in León

Leon, Guanajuato.- Two meters from the road towards Comanja de Corona is the farm where the Warrior Mothers of León collective reported finding 18 bodies, the largest clandestine grave ever located in Lion.

A couple of units of Municipal police protect the property, which is located in an uninhabited area on the border between Guanajuato Y Jaliscoabout 3 kilometers from the Hacienda Arriba community.

The stone fences that surround it delimit the land.

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There are two options to get there, one is to pass in front of the Great Garden subdivisions Y Porta Fontana and follow the path to the patina for almost 10 kilometers.

The other option is to take the highway to San Felipe and enter the diversion to Hacienda Upand once in the community, take the old road to Comanja de Corona.

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The place can even be reached by public transport. Routes S-101 and S-111 go from the suburban system, route A76 goes from the feeder system

Two meters from the road is the entrance gate that warns that it is private property and ‘Be careful, brave dog’. The barbed wire fence stretches tens of meters.

From the entrance you can see a house in black work, in which investigations were also carried out, in front of another house, in which at the beginning of the investigations there were some private vehicles.

The discoveries at the site began on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 27, when it was unofficially learned that at least a couple of bodies had been located.

After several days the figure increased to 13 bodies, and on May 12 the group Warrior Mothers of Leon reported that the remains correspond to 18 people, although they did not provide details.

“Fortunately it was a positive search, 18 bodies were found, several bones and this gives hope to the group,” he said. Martha Cecilia Cruz Reyesrepresentative of the group.

Huett denies giving the exact number of bodies in the grave

Sophia Huett LopezSecretary Executive of the State System of Public Securityasked yesterday that the number of bodies located be reported with caution, and asked to wait for the State Attorney’s Office give the exact figure.

The mayor of Leon, Alejandra Gutierrez Camposagreed that it will be the State Attorney’s Office who reports on the subject.

He offered that they will not leave alone those who are looking for their missing relatives. He added that if there are indications that warrant it, they will continue working on the farm where the bodies were found.

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