With a single ballot axis, the opposition seeks to add the issues of the ruling party to its session

In order to give centrality to the debate on the single ballotmost of the opposition blocs in the Chamber of Deputies He presented a new request for a special session for this Thursday, May 5, in which he expands the agenda with the issues that the ruling party seeks to deal with in another session called for an hour before.

In a game of tug-of-war, the proposal that should now be endorsed by the president of the House, Serge Massais a dialogued way out to show some degree of consensus between official and opposition members. Otherwise, they will have to measure forces to see who manages to gather the quorum in the sessions that have already been convened.

The decision was made at a meeting of referents of the blocs of Together for Changeof the Federal interblock (Peronists and Socialists), of La Libertad Avanza (of Joseph Louis Espert) and the people from Rio Negro. The only one who didn’t sign was Christian Ritondoof the PROalthough he stayed for the photo.

As they explained, he wanted to evaluate the steps to follow first with his block, although opposition sources assure that there were invoice passes because the macrismo signed an opinion on Tuesday with the Frente de Todos on an issue that was later included in the agenda of the special session of the ruling party. This is the project to extend an article of the construction incentive law, an initiative that Massa and Ritondo jointly developed last year. Radicals and lilitos had proposed to their peers from the PRO to delay the signing of the opinion for a week to be able to negotiate other issues in the commissions, however, it finally came out with Kirchnerist and Macrista support.

It is one of the three issues that the Front of All plans to address in the session called for 11. They also included a declaration of public interest, the response to HIV and other diseases, and the legalization of the production of medicinal cannabis. For the opposition, this call, made just before the opposition, is a “cheating maneuver”. “It is an immoral use of the regulations, they could not download the session for a single ballot and they muddy the field with a game that is not innocent and they cross a limit groping people with HIV and organizations that have been fighting,” said the president of the CC , Maximilian Ferraro.

In any case, if the session called by the ruling party prospers, from the opposition benches they will put the issue of the single ballot into consideration, to expose Kirchnerism to rejection and propose the repudiation of the maneuver carried out by Massa. Now a window has been opened to unify all the topics in a single session.

The three scenarios in Deputies

In the event that Massa does not accept the opposition call, three scenarios are proposed about what could happen on Thursday in the lower house. First, the ruling party try to get a quorum. The poroteo would be giving him 128, leaving only one to achieve it. He would get the support of the left, the interbloc of the people of Rio Negro (who also support a single ballot) and the missionaries, a man from Neuquén and a man from Santa Cruz. If they reach 129, a heated session is predicted, with claims from the opposition during the first hours of the debate. And the opposition will seek to put into consideration the single ballot issue, which will end with a summons to the constitutional affairs commission so that it can deal with the issue within a certain period of time.

If the quorum is not reached, meanwhile, the second stage opens. At 12 there is the opposition call, which would reach the quorum with just enough with 130 deputies. There would be 115 from JxC (the Puntano Claudio Poggi is missing, who is on leave), 8 from the Federal interblock, the two from Espert, the 2 from Rio Negro, Felipe Álvarez from La Rioja and the two from Javier Milei’s block. They look closely at what Vidal from Santa Cruz and Figueroa from Neuquén could do.

Already with a quorum, the opposition dynamic would be the same: ask for the treatment of the single ballot projects, for which it needs two thirds of the votes. Since he will not have them, he would expose the ruling party in its rejection of the system change but would manage to summon the commission to open the debate and bring it to the floor a few weeks later. It’s all about having the number. And in a lower house in which nobody has anything left over, the opposition will seek to score a bean.


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