Duki started singing battle raps almost ten years ago.

He began singing in the squares of Buenos Aires, where his talent made him stand out in rap battles and led him to fame. Today, almost ten years after their first presentationsMauro Ezequiel Lombardo Quiroga, better known as Duki, prepares to fill his first big stadium.

Through a virtual event, which included live and direct broadcasts through Instagram Live and Twitch, the rapper revealed that on October 6 he will do a megashow in Vélez. “This is going to be the most important announcement of my life to date,” he assured, sitting in front of a panel, which, when opened, revealed the soccer stadium in Liniers where he hopes to sing for 40,000 people in a few months. “We are going to do the year-end show nothing more and nothing less than here,” he announced happily.

It is the flag of five years of effort, of career, of struggle… it is knowing that we are going to be here for a long time. One always wants footprints to remain on the ground, and this is such a large footprint that they will not be able to erase it, ”she added with emotion. For the big announcement, she chose to wear a very special and meaningful garment: the jacket with which she went to rap battles when her music was still not known throughout the world.

With this megashow, the ragman will become the first urban artist from Argentina to fill a stadium as a soloist in the country. “We come from the end of the world to make history”, says the slogan that accompanies him in the campaign and that is crowned with one of his most iconic phrases adapted for the occasion. “A stadium for history”.

“When the door opened I got goosebumps, now I’m really excited, flashing it”, he said modestly as he recalled the first musical show he witnessed in his life, at the age of 10, at the Vélez stadium with his father: Charly García’s in 2009. “Making a stadium for me, even today, is something unthinkable”.

Tickets for the recital can be purchased through Ticketek. The exclusive pre-sale for Lemon Card users will begin on Monday 16, at 6:00 p.m., while the general sale will start on Tuesday 17, also at 6:00 p.m.

Duki started singing battle raps almost ten years ago.Gerardo Viercovich – THE NATION

After strolling through various squares, Duki made his first big performances at El Quinto Escalón, a freestyle competition that ended up becoming the biggest in Spanish-speaking and that he knew how to discover great talents such as Wos and Paulo Londra, among others, for the general public. There was born his friendship with Ysy A, organizer of the event, with whom he began to record songs.

Taking advantage of the contacts that Ysy A had made throughout the country thanks to El Quinto Escalón, the two young people went on tour, without caring about the debts they generated but rather the contact with the people. When they returned to Buenos Aires, they moved together to a house in Villa Crespo which they baptized “La Mansión”, the place where the first Argentine trap hits were born..

For me, music is enjoyment and I choose to enjoy it making my way. With my mistakes, doing things right and wrong. If something moves me, I go and do it”, he told LA NACION. “Every so often I give gifts to the public, I always work on that empathy because it allows me this. can i make a drill mega rare and that the fans say: “He’s gone”, and those who are not so fans say: “What is he doing?”. It is medium fifty-fifty”, he added.

Today that need for music and enjoyment leads him to give his first megashow, something he probably dreamed of when at the age of 15 he found a refuge in rap and a way to have fun with friends.

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