Martín Lousteau, speaking at the Evolution congress in Santa Fe.

Before some two thousand militants, who filled the facilities of the UPCN campsite in the city of Santa Fe, the national senator Martin Lousteau showed the muscle of his line within the internal opposition, and giving “Evolución” a national projection. “This is not against anyone, our opponents are the ones who are comfortable in an increasingly uncomfortable Argentina. There are many who prefer to be comfortable, who allow the State to be looted”, said the legislator, who received messages of greeting from Gerardo Morales and Alfredo Cornejo, among other leaders.

Throughout this Saturday, several panels on various topics are planned, where Evolution specialists (deputies, senators, ministers, mayors, etc.) will analyze the different axes of Government such as Economy, Justice, Modernization, among others.

“The first thing to change is our state of mind, we are skeptical. Our first duty is to help show all Argentines that yes, what is happening can be changed.. For that, it is necessary to change many things, the first thing is ideas”Losuteau introduced.

Lousteau: “There are many who prefer to be comfortable, who allow the State to be looted”

At another point, he remarked that it is necessary to “have the courage to build another state, not a large, slow state.” “Now what happens to us, we have lost confidence. There are many who prefer not to give the fights that must be given, many who allow that state to be systematically looted. The one who is close to the state tries to take something from the state to the house,” he said.

On the stage He was accompanied by the head of the Evolution in Deputies block, Rodrigo de Loredo, along with Martin Tetaz, Alejandro Cacace, Carla Carrizo, Danya Tavela, among others. Below, in the first row, was the Minister of Finance of the City of Buenos Aires, José Luis Giusti.

The national senator has already announced his candidacy for head of the Buenos Aires Government for 2023. He maintains that the duty of his space is to compete and dispute spaces of power. However, today, when he has a national focus, he did not refer to the electoral dispute that he will have against the PRO in the Capital.

The day is also marked by a strong presence of militants from the Purple Strip and the Radical Youth from different parts of the country who came to the campsite that has the UPCN union in Santa Fe. They hung flags from the trees and entered the tent with drums and red and white umbrellas. “We will return to being a government like in 1983”, the militants from the background harangued and accompanied from the stage.

“The UCR is the most misogynistic party,” said Lousteau

One of the highlights of the day was when Lousteau highlighted the task of the president of the Radical Youth in Santiago del Estero, Luciana Rached and Celeste Ruiz Díaz, from Formosa, one of the councilors arrested last year.

“The UCR is the most misogynistic party”, Lousteau stated. Some, who perhaps did not know the word, celebrated. “No, that is not to applaud. We have to transform it, the only way we have to do it is by making the gender agenda not just for women”, said the national senator.

Martín Tetaz in the preview was approached by a group of white beret ladies from Santa Fe and they posed for the photo. They made the gesture of three with their hands, alluding to the list 3 that led Raúl Alfonsín to the Presidency in 1983. He gave both thumbs up and smiled. “Now with the three, like this”, they told him. “I do it that way because it is a broader gesture, of opening,” the former radio panelist apologized.

Lousteau and Morales greet in the radical plenary.

“It’s not a match against anyone in particular”, clarified in relation to his differences with the head of the National Committee of the UCR, Gerardo Morales. “It’s against a way of handling the game. Here nobody has the key to say who yes and who no”, remarked the former Minister of Economy at a dinner with the journalists who came to Santa Fe.

Another speaker on the day was Philip Michlig, the head of the Provincial Committee of the UCR of Santa Fe, who recalled that 60 years ago there has been no radical governor in the province. The last one was Aldo Tessio, who took office in October 1963. There they once again nominated former Santa Fe Security Minister Maximiliano Pullaro as a candidate for governor.

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