Tribute to Hebe de Bonafini in Plaza de Mayo
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Round 2,328 of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo was not a mas. They were in charge of leaving buried the ashes of Hebe Maria Pastor de Bonafini, the woman who one afternoon in 1977 traveled from Ensenada to Plaza de MayoTo claim for the appearance alive of his son, the first to be kidnapped by the last civic-military dictatorship.

For dismiss the remains of Hebe different approached political, union and social leaders. Among them was the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof who came with a good part of his cabinet. He was accompanied by the Minister of Government, Cristina Alvarez Rodriguez; that of Work, Walter Correa; Community Development, Andrés “El Cuervo” Larroque; the President of the Cultural Institute, florence saintout.

The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, together with Axel Kicillof and all those present at the march in honor of Hebe de Bonafini.

“It is essential to remember and honor memory”, said Álvarez Rodríguez. “Hebe was the fight, the vehemence and the conviction of the search for the 30 thousand comrades that the genocidal process in Argentina kidnapped tortured disappeared. They are the fertile memory, the ones that allow the rest of us to know what happened so that it never happens to us again.” added.

Tribute to Hebe de Bonafini in Plaza de Mayo

The little presence of national government officials was noted in the first rows of the tour, which this time did not go to the Pirámide de Mayo, as mothers usually do, but rather through the surrounding streets. There was the Secretary of Human Rights, Horacio Pietragalla, and the Minister of Culture, Tristán Bauer.

Tribute to Hebe de Bonafini in Plaza de Mayo
Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque and Axel Kicillof in the mobilization.

“Axel was able to bring almost his entire Cabinet, it is seen that in The same thing did not happen to the Nation and a few came”, chicaneo a Buenos Aires official to refer to the little presence of the Pink House.

Tribute to Hebe de Bonafini in Plaza de Mayo
The moment the Mothers buried Hebe’s ashes.

The Eye of Profile: how was Hebe de Bonafini’s farewell in Plaza de Mayo

Francis’ rosary

Tribute to Hebe de Bonafini in Plaza de Mayo
Hebe de Bonafini passed away on Sunday, November 20 at the age of 93.

A while after 15.30 the mothers laid Hebe’s ashes on the grass of the pyramid of May They did it together with a Rosario that Fr.apa Francisco to accompany the remains of the former head of Mothers.

By that time, thousands of people were sheltering from the sun that was beating down on the square tiles. Some carried an umbrella to use parasol and others accommodated themselves in the objection generated by the flags of the unions and political organizations.

Tribute to Hebe de Bonafini in Plaza de Mayo

The weather on the street

Faced with this, street vendors will take advantagen to sell half-liter bottles of water for 300 pesos, and beer for 500. “What a pity that no band comes after, because if you don’t know how to sell”, explained to this chronicler one of the vendors. Those with ice cream and squeezed orange juice also joined.

Tribute to Hebe de Bonafini in Plaza de Mayo
Adelina Dolores Lara Rizzo Molina was present with the image of her brother.

People who do not answer to any organization also came to say goodbye to Hebe. One such case is that of Grace and Victor, two 70-year-old friends who were in the shade on Rivadavia avenue. “We come to say goodbye to her, even though she is never going to leave,” she said.

Tribute to Hebe de Bonafini in Plaza de Mayo
The ashes of Hebe de Bonafini rest meters from the Pyramid of May.

“She represents a very fighting woman, an example to follow”, added Grazia, who remembers the time she went to theto Plaza de Mayo and “touched his hands”. “He taught us that anything is possible, that it’s just a matter of doing it, that you had to be here when you were mothers and the military around you,” added Victor.

Tribute to Hebe de Bonafini in Plaza de Mayo
Those present accompanied the arrival of the mothers.

At 4:00 p.m. a mass began on a stage that was right next to the pyramid, with its back to the Cathedral of Buenos Aires. There were the singer Taresa Parodi, Father Paco Olveira, from the Group of Priests in Option for the Poor.

Tribute to Hebe de Bonafini in Plaza de Mayo

“May I receive you in the kingdom of memory, truth and justice. ANDn the kingdom to come and to do, the kingdom of love for the poor and for the people, which is built every day with a renewed political project of the 30,000 and with a militancy that sustains that built kingdom”, read the priest in charge.

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