Only 20% of the project has been completed, such as the drainage works.  (Photo: Disclosure/City Hall)
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Works were expected to be delivered this year, but only 20% were executed

Only 20% of the project has been completed, such as the drainage works. (Photo: Disclosure/City Hall)

Scheduled to be delivered in November this year, the works on Avenida Calogeras, in Campo Grande, are paralyzed with only 20% of completion. According to GTA Projetos e Construções LTDA., responsible for the execution, they were interrupted due to delays in payments.

GTA claimed that it has been 5 months without receiving what was agreed and, therefore, decided to terminate the contract with the City Hall of Campo Grande. In addition, the payments it was able to receive, referring to the first measurements, were passed on late.

The project is part of another stage of the Reviva Campo Grande program and provides for an exclusive lane for buses, installation of bicycle lanes and road resurfacing. The opening of the bidding, of the public competition type, was on July 5, 2021 and the contract was signed in September of the same year.

Budgeted at R$ 15,078,831.92, the project provides for interventions on the road between Avenida Fernando Corrêa da Costa and Avenida Eduardo Elias Zahran, in addition to the stretch to Avenida Mato Grosso. So far, R$ 3,153,947.33 have been spent. The works started in November 2021, with a deadline of completion in 12 months.

The request to terminate the contract was made on November 4, but the municipality has not yet given a return to the company.

Still according to GTA Projetos e Construções LTDA, there is another contract for works in Bairro Nova Lima, for which payments are also delayed. However, the company has not yet requested the termination of the document.

The report requested a return from the City Hall, but did not receive responses until publication.

bus runners – The corridors are foreseen in the municipal urban mobility plan in force since 2015. There are 69 kilometers of exclusive lanes for buses to travel between the Guaicurus, Morenão (South Region of the city), General Osório and Nova Bahia (North Region) terminals, passing through City center.

According to technicians from the Municipal Transport and Traffic Agency, with the exclusive lanes, buses no longer compete for space in traffic with other vehicles, with this the expectation is to increase average speed by up to 62% (from 16 to 25 km/h ) of the collectives.

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