With machete, men are caught stealing plants from home garden
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Case happened at Rua Tadeu Ribas, in Vila Nascente, in the Carandá Bosque III neighborhood

Security camera footage captured two men stealing plants from the garden of a house, located on Rua Tadeu Ribas, in Vila Nascente, in the Carandá Bosque III neighborhood, in Campo Grande. Watch the video above.

The case took place last Saturday (19) between 12:30 and 13:00. The video shows two men arriving in a blue Fiat Uno. The driver goes down with the machete in hand and starts cutting the plants, while his helper picks them up and puts them inside the car. The action is fast and lasts less than 1 minute.

The owner of the house, Fábio Jacob, 43 years old, said that in total about nine foliage known as Agave americana were stolen. “Here, you can’t put anything in front of the house, because they pass and take it away. I already put in light bulbs and they were also stolen, ”he lamented. Each plant that was stolen costs, on average, R$ 200.

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