Soldiers fighting fire in the Pantanal.  (Photo: Fire Department)


Sixteen soldiers work to extinguish the flames throughout this night (06)

By Adriano Fernandes | 06/08/2022 19:50

Soldiers fighting fire in the Pantanal. (Photo: Fire Department)

The Fire Department continues to reinforce the fight against fires that still persist in the Pantanal, in the region of Corumbá, 428 kilometers from Campo Grande. This Saturday (06), the teams that work in the fight against the fire in Porto Esperança, won the reinforcement of eight more soldiers.

With the addition, now, there will be 16 officers divided into four teams, working to try to extinguish the flames throughout the night of this Saturday (06) and the dawn of Sunday (07). In addition, firebreaks were reinforced with a crawler machine to try to prevent the fire from spreading further.

The main concern in the region is the protection of the approximately 60 families that live in the area. The outbreaks are six kilometers from the community, according to the Diário Corumbaense portal. The task force is part of Operation Pantanal, which also has combat garrisons in the Abobral and Porto da Manga regions. In Serra do Amolar, where the first outbreak was recorded this week in an overflight carried out yesterday afternoon (05), the military found no focus or smoke signal throughout the area.

Santa Teresa Farm is the Air Tractor Base (Combat Aircraft) in case of fire in that region. The site has a good structure, runway and refueling with water from the aircraft.

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