With the endorsement of Cristina Kirchner, the mayors of Buenos Aires press for the departure of Sergio Berni
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In his last act in La Plata, Cristina Kirchner focused on the growing insecurity in the province of Buenos Aires and questioned that it had not been sent to the gendarmerie to respond to the problem. His foray into territory that Kirchnerism is usually elusive was a nod to the Buenos Aires mayors who are pressing for the departure of Sergio Berni of the Ministry of Security.

The idea gained strength when, at the end of the act, the Vice President received them at the governor’s residence Axel Kicillof and again insisted on the need to move forward in a change of course in security policy in the province.

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Emboldened, the Peronist communal chiefs present at the dinner returned to the old claim for the change Berni for a man he trusted.

Although the operation is underway, as you know that politics is so dynamic in Argentina that everything can change from one moment to the next, They press for the orders to go down quickly from the Senate to the Governor’s Officebefore it is nothing.

Sergio Berni and a tense link with the mayors

When Kicillof announced the formation of his team, it was not surprising that Bernie was chosen to occupy the Ministry of Security for his closeness with Cristina Kirchneralthough his “firm hand” policy did make noise against the “guarantee” preached by the governor.

The communal chiefs rejected his appointment from minute zero and discontent grew as insecurity worsened in their territories. Until now, Berni was protected under the umbrella of the Vice President and thus resisted the onslaught from different sides, but it seems that the protection is over.

“It is one thing for the mayors to complain and want to push him away and another that Cristina has focused on the area”, is heard among the communal chiefs. They also recognize that for some time the minister handles himself as a libero of politics and threatens to slam the door of the Frente de Todos to jump to a presidential candidacy.

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Berni does not hide his intentions and whenever he has the opportunity he makes reference to the fact that he has been preparing for years to occupy that position. Nevertheless, That the former president endorses it is not the same, they warn from the Front of All.

Cristina Kirchner’s wink that the mayors expected

If there are waters in which Kirchnerism did not know how to navigate in the 12 years of government, they were those of security. Faulty concepts likefeeling of insecurity”, growing crimes and the inefficiency to manage the complex framework of the Buenos Aires Police they exposed the lack of answers to a problem for which, more than once, the middle class took its toll.

On the contrary, It was a flag raised by Sergio Massa during his tenure as mayor of Tigre, where he reinforced security policies with, until then, innovative monitoring systems, which had a large number of cameras on the streets.

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Months before the 2023 elections, Kirchnerism begins to define the electoral strategy in the Province and the alliances of Cristina Kirchner they are reinforced. A key is with Massawhere maximum kirchner plays a fundamental role, and another, with the Buenos Aires Peronist mayors and Berni could become a bargaining chip.

Security, the area that everyone avoids

Names in dance for the possible Bernie’s replacement there are few. All the mayors want a man they trustbut none raise your hand and postulated.

So far, the idea that circulates is to return to unify the areas of Justice and Security, and the one chosen to lead them could be Julio Alaka former mayor who knows the suburbs, who has been facing a change in the provincial prison policy, but who has the disadvantage of having little arrival at the dome of La Bonaerense.

Alak is an experienced man from La Plata, who handles himself comfortably in the judicial field and who lived through the times of the “damn police”, but, until now, He did not confirm if he is willing to take on a new challenge.

The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, and the Minister of Security, Sergio Berni.  (Photo: Diego Nasello/ NA)
The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, and the Minister of Security, Sergio Berni. (Photo: Diego Nasello/ NA)

Other names could be communal chiefs who are currently on leave because they hold national or provincial positions, but no one wants to grab the hot potato in which insecurity became in the suburbs.

“The mayors know about management; they know how to define problems and knock on the corresponding doors to solve them; They are the ones who know the neighbors, but they are not security experts”, a man close to a mayor of the third electoral section hastened to say. Nevertheless, If Cristina Kirchner’s order comes down, no one will refuse.

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To this knowing which doors to knock respond the increasingly frequent meetings that they have been having with the president Alberto Fernandezwith Sergio Massa and with Axel Kicillofwho, on the one hand, press for the Bernie’s departure and, on the other, they claim more resources for security of their districts.

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