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The current Buenos Aires senator and pre-candidate for Governor Joaquín de la Torre yesterday led an act in Moreno together with the pre-candidate for president Patricia Bullrich, which brought together more than 2,000 people from different districts of the province of Buenos Aires. In this context, the former mayor of San Miguel reviewed some of the messages of his public campaign and explained the arguments: “I say ‘enough of everyone’ because it seems crazy to me that on the agenda of progressive politicians, ‘everyone’ is an issue when we have 40% poverty. It is an invented and ridiculous language.”
Along the same lines, he explained another of the messages that his posters carry: “I say we have to put order because the province of Buenos Aires needs order. In the accounts and in the streets. In the accounts, it is common sense: you cannot spend more than what you enter. If I am governor, I am going to eliminate 10 ministries, including especially that of women and the environment. We must put order in the streets, because we cannot continue living in fear of walking, in fear of being entered into our houses, in fear of going to work, in fear of going out at night, because we don’t know if they are going to kill to steal our cell phone. Our pulse will not tremble to clear the streets when there is a picket and to throw out of the State those who get paid and do not work. Nor will our pulse tremble in requesting the national forces if necessary to combat drug trafficking. We are not afraid, we are not lukewarm.”

At that point, Patricia Bullrich once again highlighted the work carried out by Joaquín de la Torre in San Miguel in terms of security, where “crime was reduced by 65% ​​in a municipality in the second suburb of the suburbs, and that is thanks to a system that works as a consequence of the local political will to take charge of the issue”. Likewise, she agreed with De la Torre in her look of hope for the future. “Our hope goes beyond what Patricia and Joaquín can do, it has to do with the will of the vast majority of Argentines to get up every day to go to work and get out of this crisis.” She also spoke of “caring for those who work and those who provide work” as one of the common pillars of the Bullrich and De la Torre campaign at the national and provincial level.
To conclude, De la Torre indicated that “Argentina is in a very serious situation. We are facing two country models: that of effort or that of progressivism, that of the thriving middle class or that of plans, that of freedom or that of eternal quarantines, the one that protects people or the one that protects delinquents, the one that confronts the privileged minorities that surround the State or the one that negotiates with the privileged minorities that surround the State”. And he concluded: “People have already made a decision. He wants a profound change. Now you will have to choose who are the right people to take it forward. I am convinced that I know how to do it, that I have the courage to do it, that Patricia knows how to do it and that she has the courage to do it”.

JOAQUIN DE LA TORRE |||  20221125

Thus, the president of the PRO once again ratified her support for one of her two pre-candidates for Governor in the Buenos Aires dispute, which also has the mayor of Captain Sarmiento, Javier Iguacel as one of the candidates for the same space.

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