With various acts, the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo commemorated their 45 years of struggle

“Despite the canes and the wheelchairs, the ‘crazy’ women are still standing”pointed out the head of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Founding Line, Taty Almeidaat 91 years old.

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“We were not heroines or anything like that. We did what any mother does for a child” and maintained that “they called us crazy and yes, we were crazy with pain, with rage, with impotence. They took from us the most precious thing a woman can have, and we transformed it into love, not hate, and into peaceful struggle.”

“Today there are very few mothers left, but we are calm because the young people are there and we pass the baton to them. We must not be afraid of the word militancy, which means camaraderie, taking care of the other,” he reflected.

While, perczyk, who signed a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Education of the Nation and the founding Mothers, in order to build a university center specialized in human rights, thanked the human rights movements during his speech and assured that in education they are also “fighting for the present and fighting for the future”.

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In the afternoon, it was the turn of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Associationwith Hebe de Bonafini at the head, who returned to the Plaza de Mayo to lead an act that included the participation of various speakers such as the Minister of Community Development of the province of Buenos Aires, Andres Larroque and the journalist and lawyer in causes against humanity, Pablo Llorto.

“We vindicate the struggle of our children. The revolution is made every day and it is solidarity, loyalty and love for the other. That was the struggle that our children gave. Politics is not a way to look for work,” he said.

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In addition, the historical leader of the human rights movement affirmed that she was “convinced” in relation to the task of young people, considering that the new generations “lead us a kilometer or two ahead, if not many more, in terms of clarity , strength and will”.

“My sons and daughters told me about the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and it seemed to me that it was not true, that it was too much. But the truth is that they advance and take everything. They are voracious,” he said.

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