hospital in Louisiana

Women who abort in the state of Louisiana will not be charged with murder, after a proposal that called for such a penalty was withdrawn on Thursday.

The controversial bill would allow state authorities in the southeastern United States to legally prosecute women who terminate their pregnancies after members of the local House of Representatives passed a comprehensive amendment to the legislation, eliminating criminal sanctions.

The congressmen who voted in favor of the changes, 65, won in a vote that had 26 voices against.

“This is a thorny political issue, but we all know it’s actually very simple. Abortion is murder,” Danny McCormick, an Oil City Republican and author of the bill, said in opening Thursday night’s debate.

McCormick’s bill drew strong opposition from pro-life and abortion advocates, such as Governor John Bel Edwards, who said he would veto that penalty.

On Monday, the US Supreme Court will announce a decision on the case of a bill that would end abortion rights in about half of US states. The judges met on Thursday.

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