Without control, deficiencies overwhelm more

Girón newspaper cartoon.

By Arnaldo Mirabal Hernandez.

In times of crisis, any loophole that makes illegalities possible becomes a disgraceful affront to the people, who try to put food on the table every day at a cost that often triples its value.

Enough has been written about the escalation of prices that so overwhelms the inhabitants of this country, who see how their salary turns into salt and water when they stop for a moment on any platform and with a frown observe the exorbitant numbers.

It is true that in recent times the country shows considerable growth in cultivable areas; But as long as the impact is not directly appreciated in the pocket of the Cuban, the usual “supply and demand”, which has become a commercial law that largely justifies the increase in prices, will continue to cause a harmful thrust that robs more than one compatriot of joy.

Of course, only by harvesting more can the effects of this
problematic, although sometimes the formation of prices does not respond to laws
commercial, but to dishonest practices that only benefit an actor of this
complex network: the merchant.

Without trying to hurt susceptibilities, on many occasions the concept of the
man like wolf of man, ready the salesman to launch a ferocious bite at the meager amount of that defenseless client who has become so familiar with the hurtful phrase: take it or leave it.

And so he is forced every day to buy or pass by the “merchant” who sells him a pound of pork rinds at the same price as a pound of ribs. Added to this is the usual practice of offering products that, without the required quality, maintain the same price.

The business of selling is so substantial that new points of sale proliferate every day as a reliable sign of the increase in harvests, but prices remain sky high. The fact that two wheelbarrow drivers coincide in a block, for example, does not imply a decrease in the value of each food or fruit, because they all bid to get hold of large sums of money without any hesitation.

They will use as justification that they too are forced to disburse
large sums to obtain other goods and services.

The formation of prices from the cost of production of each commodity at the
apparently it is only part of some subject in educational centers, which in the long run seems to become a dead letter.

Some state entities do not escape this distortion, although in the
In the past they served as a viable alternative for people with fewer resources, today many compete with the private sector when it comes to setting prices.

Of course, there are plenty of elements to justify this evil that grows every day, from the rise in raw materials to the existence of MLC stores. As long as these reasons persist, few consider the urgent need to lower costs.

But the issue of prices will continue to arouse the discomfort of many, especially those who have to make ends meet only with their salary income.

The issue of prices in Cuba is much more complex than attacking a
blank sheet. The struggle of certain actors is added in the tangled
network of marketing, who at the first sign of regulation,
They choose to hide any decision by hiding the goods and depleting the markets.

The authorities take the first steps with the reactivation of trade fairs in various territories of the province. Undoubtedly, the variety and quality of the offers, as well as the more affordable prices, have had a favorable impact on the population.

Therefore, in parallel, greater control is required of the entities that
they market food to avoid diversions that favor resellers.

Nobody ignores the difficult situation facing the country, but without control, the shortages overwhelm more.

(Taken from Giron)

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