A 68-year-old man is under the care of family members in Campo Grande.  (Photo: Straight from the Streets)
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With Alzheimer’s, man ran out of medicine, under the care of family members, after “escape” from those responsible on the 13th

A 68-year-old man is under the care of family members in Campo Grande. (Photo: Straight from the Streets)

The family of a 68-year-old man went to the police to report his wife and daughter for abandonment of the incapable after they left him at a sister’s house and “ran away”. According to family members, the man lives with an aneurysm, sequelae of a stroke (Cerebral Vascular Accident) and Alzheimer’s. Therefore, he is completely dependent.

Who tells the story is the administrative assistant Mayke Willian, 29 years old, nephew of the patient. According to the report, the uncle, aunt and cousin, residents of Várzea Grande (MT), came to Campo Grande for the wake of a family member, who died on November 2, and stayed at the house where he lives with his mother , the father and two brothers.

It turns out that on Sunday, November 13, the two left saying they would have dinner with a cousin, but in fact, they disappeared, leaving the elderly man behind. “They left bedding, suitcases, various things and discarded my uncle. They went away, we don’t know where, and left my uncle, who takes medicine for his head and heart, without even informing him that they would leave him, that they didn’t want to stay with him anymore. He went two days without taking medicine. There are more than 6 pills at different times that he needs to take and we didn’t know how to medicate”, says Mayke.

The discovery of the escape, according to the nephew, took place on Monday, the 14th. When she entered the room where they were staying, she saw that their clothes were gone. That’s when we realized they went away and left him like anyone else. We don’t know their whereabouts.”

The administrative assistant also reveals that all family members in Mato Grosso do Sul were blocked by those responsible for the elderly person. “They blocked everyone. An uncle of mine from Aquidauana was the one who managed to talk about the drugs before being blocked”.

According to Mayke, the family had to take their uncle to a neurologist to find out how to treat him, so they decided to look for a lawyer and file a complaint with the Civil Police for abandonment of an incapable person.

The nephew claims that the family will sue the wife and daughter of the abandoned elderly man. “We don’t want him to stay with them anymore. We are afraid that he will be abused. But we need them to pay the expenses”.

Today, Mayke, his father, mother and brothers take turns caring for the sick man, but the administrative assistant says that just to pay a caregiver to spend the day with his uncle, they will need to spend at least R$ 1,800 a month. “My mother cannot be held hostage and at home, we all work”.

The report tried to contact the patient’s daughter, who has a cell phone, but the calls were not answered. A message was left on the mailbox asking her to return to give her version of what happened. The names of the elderly person and the closest family members were omitted because the victim of abandonment has the right to have their identity preserved.

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