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Desperate, worried and full of anguish, the Lord says to be John Francis Furcahefather of the woman who killed the Chinese at the Z & M Hardware Store on April 21.

Twenty days after the event, the relatives of Franyelis Maria Furcal30 years old, assure that they have not had any type of contact with her, and that their concern and fear increases as they do not know what conditions she may be in.

“I am waiting for her to contact me to resolve, but she has not contacted me, nor has any of her family. I’ve made many calls to her, because until she shows up we can’t solve this problem.” Mr. Fulcar told Diario Libre.

He added that the police authorities have kept going to his house, in search of any clue that will help them find the whereabouts of Franyelis Furcal. She reiterated that he is the most interested and He asks his daughter to turn herself in by the means she deems pertinent..

Some community members close to the Furcal family, in the Cristo Rey sector, continue to be astonished by the fact and assure that since the crime occurred “they have never heard from the young woman again.” They affirm that Franyelis has not tried to go see her children and her family.

“She hasn’t come back here anymore, her dad doesn’t know anything about her, no. Look, that man has even had to go to the doctor several times, because he’s in poor health”Maria Hernandez Neighbor of the Furcal family

For the neighbors, Franyelis is living a nightmare, and that her burden becomes stronger by not being able to be with her children, since they assure that she has always been a “good and exemplary mother” at all times.

Franyelis had been working in the business where the tragedy occurred for almost three years. From there she provided support for her three children, ages 12, 9 and 3.

A security camera captured the moment when the man throws an object at the employee, who responds by throwing something else at him. Immediately afterwards, the Chinese kicks the Dominican, who takes a white weapon and stabs her in the abdomen.

Franyelis Furcal (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

The man was immediately removed from the hardware store and mounted in a vehicle, but he died shortly after arriving at the Moscoso Puello hospital emergency room, a few meters from the commercial establishment, reported a communication staff from the aforementioned health center.

According to the police authorities, after committing the act, the employee Franyelis María Furcal fled from the place and would have stated that the action took place because he would have shouted insults at her while he was serving a client.

The spokesman for the National Police, Colonel Diego Pesqueira, said that since the incident occurred, the police investigators and the young woman’s family have spoken of the possibility that the young woman will turn herself in.

“The National Police reiterates the request to the lady, reiterates the call to the lady to surrender voluntarily so that she responds to the fact that she is accused of and that was captured on video cameras,” Pesqueira said.

Dominican journalist, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).

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